Durian on Blue-Ray?

Durian just reached the 1K mark yea!

But I was wondering why no Blue-ray option? Its not like with BBB when HD-DVD and Blue-ray where going head to head during production. Blue-ray is now the home HD medium standard!

To me it seems silly to leave out blue-ray for the pre-production sales, you can buy BBB in Blue-ray from the Blender store NOW! why wait until the completion of this project before offering that option!

Its not like Blue-ray is going to become less important in the future, with the Blue-ray medium also comes new content, Blue-ray 2.0 players have internet access and internal HDD’s, as well as Java powered menu’s. Although as yet there is very little in the way of authering software for Blue-ray especially OSS. Should this not be an important part of the durian project?

I will say now “If a Blue-ray version was made available I would buy it in addition to the DVD version I have already bought “even if it only contained a straight play movie file with no menu””.

Yep, leaving out Blu-Ray is totally bad mistake, especially since Durian is set to be a HIGH-Resolution movie with more detail than ever.

I’m betting they’ll fix this pretty soon.

From what I understand, the Blu-Ray editions of the previous Open Movie Projects were produced by an independent (commercial and unrelated to the Blender Foundation/Institute) German company, after the original DVD’s had been released and the project was over. The Blender Institute also currently doesn’t have some of the necessary technology necessary for authoring Blu-Ray disks, which are apparently a much more involved process than the workflow for the current DVD’s.

This is not to say that there is not going to be a Blu-Ray edition appearing some time in the future. Indeed, if that company decided to once again produce a Blu-Ray edition of Durian, I’m sure it will appear in the Blender E-Shop in due course.


Indeed, the reason there is no promise of a blu-ray version now is because it may actually cost us money if we don’t sell enough of them, due to the high costs of producing it. If we get sponsored for this again, or if there is high enough demand, then it can be done. And the full resolution is of course still on the DVD as well, just not in blu-ray format.

Blu-Ray not only has an internet connection but ‘requires’ an internet connection. That means you never totally own the player you paid for. The people at the other end of the connection control it and in the future they could shut off your player requiring you to pay a license fee to turn it back on. I personally will never support blu-ray.

BTW: MCHammond;
your video on rigging recently inspired me to make my first IK rig: (humble gratuitous fawning follows.)

are you sure about that, I know plenty people with blue ray drives and ps3 who don’t hook either of the two to the net.

Stand alone bluray players don’t have to be connected to the internet. Don’t believe all the paranoia conspiracy theories out there.


But they do have network connectors and there is no guarantee that two years down the road you won’t turn on you player and be greeted by a message saying your user license has expired and you need to connect to renew it. I won’t get into your use of ‘cheap-shot’ labelling. You might want to do alittle more research brefore you blindly endorse something.

Really you should do a little more research… . There are blu ray (especially first generation) players (profile 1.0/1.1) that didn’t have a network connection. And FYI profile 2.0 (movies with network capabilities or BD Live) are backward compatible with 1.0 players (read the specs) .

The only reason there is an network connection is for BD Live. For the matter of fact my blu ray player was never connected to the internet and all my movies works fine. So how are they gonna revoke my license over 2 years ? Fairy dust ?

It is just unbelievable how much FUD there is about this medium.

Death to Blu-ray! Long live HD-DVD!

Obvious troll is obvious :wink:

And out of date…

I would have liked to see HD-DVD win over blu-ray, no region lock for example.

I think DVD is sufficient, the content on the disc is the same and for a 6-8 minutes (hope it gets a little longer :P) so I don’t think it will be huge problem to fit it on a disc.

I’m realy suprised there is still so much mud in the air from the HD mud slug.

Yes it might fit on a DVD but you are missing the point, If it was on Blue-ray you could just pop the disk into your player and press play and get a 1080p HD Home Cinema experance. As it is I will either have to watch in on my PC in my office or connect up my laptop to the TV.

Obviosly if you dont have a Blue-ray player “yet” then having it on DVD sounds like a good idea. But if like me and many other you have invested in a HD setup then it makes much less sense.

Previously a HD version of the movies were included with the DVD’s. Higher Res than DVD to be played via VLC or similar. The only reason you would author to Blue Ray would be to get a menu and movies, assests etc on one disk? As for instant play I have many BD’s that don’t and perform just like DVD with all the advert crap up front. Does the cost implication warrant that over 2x DVD’s?

I’m sure the 2x DVD’s that ship with the Durian movie will contain a 720p & a 1080p version along with a lot of other assests.

Also it is possible to create a Blue Ray compatible menu structure and 1080p movie upto 20mins long on DVD media for pretty much free.

btw I’m a Blue Ray convert (PS3), encode to blue ray compatible files via TMPGEnc or mpeg2 and stream to a PS3 from a 2TB media server PC out of sight.

However to get the full benefit of HD, personally I think a minimum of a 42" screen or projector+screen otherwise DVD is perfectly sufficient, most of the movies we watch are at that resolution and we are absorbed in them, well the good ones anyway.

Are you serious? Doesn’t your BlueRay player play DVD’s? Upscale? Not that that’s much good. Can’t you stream to your Blueray player from another source?

I skipped the BlueRay player idea and went to the PS3, I’m no gamer and bought it for the excellent BlueRay playing ability, streaming media possibilities, video formats, image slideshows, galleries etc and music file playing all from a remote source for not much more than a basic standalone BlueRay player that have non of those options :wink:

I didn’t want to still amass shelves full of discs in my living room moving from DVD to BlueRay so looked for a player with menu driven streaming options instead.

Don’t worry - It’ll be released on Blu-Ray, otherwise the 4K project would have
been doomed from the start (which it isn’t)…

the entire IDEA behind 4K - is the enormous resolution (and the dev. of 2.5 of course)
but just for the resolution ALONE - it should be Blu-Ray which is currently
the biggest resolution technology we have for the masses at the moment.

Not including this - but starting out with DVD - is a major mistake, a mistake
that will cost dearly…

…on the other hand - SONY and other Blu-Ray distributors really should see
this as an “ad-op” and jump on the OpenSource bandwagon to promote this
work of art project collaboration, meh - I guess that’s up to the PR & marketing

Oh wait…

Blu-Ray video doesn’t support anything larger than 1920×1080, so it’s perfectly irrelevant for 4k videos aside from the higher storage capacity. You still wouldn’t be able to play the disk in the Blu-Ray player (not in 4k at least).


Blu-ray or not, let’s hope that the biggest goal would be on comprehensive documentation of Blender 2.5 with the Durian as an important backdrop. Kind of like using a project as huge as this one as the basis of the mother of all 2.5 tutorials.

Like all shorts, they only last less than 10 min. to watch. I don’t think you can enjoy them as much as full-length animations. So what to do with the rest of that vast DVD space? No, I’m not interested in viewing two Durian crews on DVD video engaging in conversation about this and that aspect of the film while sipping tea, or anything of that sort. This is just a waste of space. Things like that can always be posted on You Tube or Vimeo. So, Ton and company should focus half of their energy in making sure that everything is covered in the final documentation ABOUT BLENDER 2.5.

It should all be about the making of Durian in complete detail using the newest version of Blender. (It may even include workarounds, I don’t care.)

These kinds of opportunities don’t come every week or so. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. You end up blaming yourself for not doing it right.

And I hope after the short is done I would never have to search the net to find out how a thing like this or that is done in Blender 2.5 other than just go over what is in the Durian DVD’s.

I’ll even pay extra for this.

EDIT: And this should be the main selling point of the Durian DVD’s – Blender 2.5 documentation as well as tutorials, tutorials, tutorials – lots of them. The BF might even sell more than the 2,000 target.


Yes! Very good points! I didn’t think there was enough technical ‘Making of…’ type bonus materials in the last DVDs either. Timelapses, tutorials, etc. Have a camera running in the conference room during meetings!

It’d be great to have technical commentaries, too! A roundtable with available members of the team in a big group, but also specific stuff, like ‘Modeling/Texturing Commentary,’ ‘Animation Commentary,’ ‘Compositing Commentary’.

I really like the idea of (exhaustively extensive) documentation being a selling point for the DVD! That’s brilliant!

I play blu-ray through my laptop to my HDTV. Can’t stand alone blu-ray players play DVD discs with HD content on them? Then yes, it’s nice for you to have it on blu-ray.

Presumably, that is the main goal of this Durian project – make Blender become finally production-ready, as mentioned in their blog. I don’t see how a 3d app could be in that status if you don’t know how to use it, especially the features that have been added.