Durian Project - Best ever movie moments

Thank you very much to everybody participating to this thread. It’s half-life time expired and starts to fall asleep, but there is a lot of potential in it. I think one of the biggest one a poster already mentioned it:

Let’s put a “Must-see” list together.

Please read the posts for inspiration. It’s amazing how many great action film scenes everybody came up with.
Have fun putting up your list.
To make it a little bit of a task, and to make you focus on the important and valuable ones - make a TOP 10 list !! So you have to leave some films out of the list, you would have loved to place :slight_smile:

I start with my thoughts, which still stick in my head and fit to the criterias of the Durian project:

The Antihero. If it is Bruce Willis in the Fifth Element, Harrison Ford in Star Wars, or the guy in Final Fantasy XIII. Rebellious, not always acting proper, but with a good heart. So, as we are looking for a girl, a female Antihero.

Massive crowd action. My favorite is the battle at Minas Tirith in the Lord of the rings. It feels like an epic massive crowd, but still the focus are on special individual fights, that give the whole fight a shift. I do not feel completely lost in the crowd, but more part of it. It seams almost like the camera is part of the fight. Within this fight, my favorite is the battle of Eowyn with the witch-king. It seams like time freezes in this moment, Everything becomes slower, and the battle around this single battle fades out. All the sudden within a massive crowd action, it’s a 1-on-1 fight. Even more, the fight has a history - no man can kill the witch-king. Which brings up the third important thing for me…

(Hi-)story. Please, please let them not just talk simple phrases without any sense. Embed it into a larger history. Place them in a world with culture, habbits, climate and rivals. Like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Dune, etc…
I love Dune for this example. Even the movie isn’t everybodies darling, but I still remember the clothes of the people, that needed to have the speciality to filter water, and the climate on the planet. It sticks - and keeps the movie even after many years in people’s mind.

Best of the best: Dragonball: when Son Goku kills the evil great big evil with his very big and strong evil great big evil kill fight with big eyes and muscles, and dont forget the girl who has perfect and sexy body.

Hahahahah Endi. Nice one.

NARNIA! (1) The war is so epic!

and dont forget that the evil is vary hard to kill. in this movie the evil must be killed at least 2 times. after that we expect Durian 2, Durian 3, Durian 4 so on.

i am expecting to see vary cool martial arts movements - (must play DMC3)

Dragonball can be cheesy, but it’s a fun cheesy.


Warcraft Saga. all of it. beats LOTR any time. period.

it just got to be epic darn it, and the rest is up to the team @ The Amst. :slight_smile:

So how needs the female characterto look like, to be similar to the Dragonball character? I cannot imagine a female character with these amount of muscles to still look - well let’s call it - attractive. So how does the cheesy female character has to look like?

So if Warcraft Saga beats LOTR - why? Are the characters better drawn? Are the explosions bigger? Talk the orcs funnier lines? Are the monsters more exotic? Is the camera movement better?
Can you be more specific?
I don’t like the Warcraft saga in a “movie” way better than LOTR, because the story line is dead flat. Kill, kill, kill. Perhaps you like it, but there is no character I startto warm up and feel connected.

Good ol fashioned pyrotechnics, wonderfull sound editting and musical bonanza. No need for giant armies, but giant atmosphere :wink:

@Cyrr (and everyone else) - The story and characters aren’t developed yet. Threads like this can be a bit of fun. Members of the team might even read them, but just like any other project the director will discuss with the team and work out the final look / feel / story and so on from there. The only reason I posted what I posted is because Dragonball was mentioned and I like it. Doesn’t relate to Durian specifically.

I don’t usually like spelling things out so much in posts, just wanted to make sure that one was clear though.

LOL dragonballz hmm I can just imagine it the protagonist and antagonist float above the earth the tensions builds and wait for it 2013 …after Durian 4 they begin to dual it out.

The best movie/televison moments of all time:

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggann!!

Also I speak of the subtitled versions.

Best movie moment ever: the tramp giving a flower to the once-blind girl, which, touching his hands, recognize him. I guess it doesn’t fit the epic fights you have in mind, but still creating a such rich of pathos scene, could be a great result. And I think it could also work, at the end of hard action sequences.

“My name is Innego Montoya you kill my father prepare to die!”
…Although I prefer originality…surprise me.

some of my favorite scenes in movies or games:
warcraft: not a world fan but i have loved the cut scenes specifically the two in warcraft 3…orc vs. human 1 on 1 and the scene in the begining that the orc has about the battle.

Warhammer 40 K…haha ain’t much to say except its bad ass. just watch it, courage heroism, failure…yet success…the first one people.

I also remember movies like conan where it showes the sword being made.and dude i’m not embarrassed to say i loved mulan when it gets to the part where the army is training.

i’ve always like the parts in movies where people train, or build something, maybe just cause i have taken things apart most of my life when i was little lol.

you have to take some style from final fantasy lol and the 300’s bad assedness

oh and the last is not a movie but it was such a good book it was in my mind…In the Dragon lance saga…when strum dies:( i still get a little emotional…just the way it happened and the feelings created by a character that you loved so much for his weaknesses and strengths…

something like the next one:

me too…cept for the twelve year old hero dude lol

yup I’ve got to agree, some times overall story’s of movies, tv series and books/comics can be mediocre, but some certain characters back stories can be damned epic, rise and fall if you will, for an example spike from cowboy bebop.

so of the fillers in bebop can be bothersome to watch but all the episodes concerning spikes past and hes past catching up to him are very epic, and then the final episode where he dies is damned touching. :slight_smile:

sadly we all watch too much and do too little…

any movie that manages to surprise its audience without alienating them… is doing pretty well.

“Luke i am your father…
Nooooo oooo ooooooooooooo”

the crying game?

the matrix?

…or on a smaller level, the injection of humour that puts the humanity back into the situation…

True lies…
(terrorist demands recorded on video but the camcorder runs out of batteries…)

(us troops in a firefight put through to a call center in india…)
(policeman… "what;s that? you eyeing my piece?..

kay_Eva: NGE!! You’re my new friend :wink:

this is a fantastic thread, i think this is inspiring me to pick up a lot of movies at the video store, hearing what great scenes are in them =)

Endi: Don’t worry yourself, nothing concrete yet :wink: