Durian second secret - DRAGON


as there are dozens of dragon avatars and funs at BlenderArtists forum all will be very happy to know that second main character of Durian film will be the DRAGON.

More details here:

And the third will be a spiky durian energy drink! :wink:

That’s a great introduction, keep them coming!

Where’s CD when you (don’t) need him? :smiley:

Maybe they will honor the almost 12 000 post guy.:eyebrowlift2:
By naming the dragon cyborg.

Well it is a pleasant surprise that a Dragon will be one of the main characters of the Durian project.:smiley:

Good to know.

Maybe they will honor the almost 12 000 post guy

I would have a bit more than that if this was still the old Kansas_15 account with the name changed, instead I got a new account when I was unbanned starting at 0 posts again.

c’mon tell us what is Brecht top-secret coding buzz :slight_smile:

But in that case you would not be the dragon, one of main Durian characters :slight_smile:

Well that would be very true indeed, even those there’s no way I can change the reality that I am a Dragon;)

Great to meet everyone and hear a few words. Question is, what about the cute little green dragon on the tail of the big guy, is he character number three? Or is he the second main character? Bum ba bum bum… BUM!

Durian is so going to kickbutt.
I mean Elephants Dream was ok in my opinion… (no offense to those that worked hard on it), the project was a nice showcase of what Blender could do, but BBB totally turned that around with even better animation (again, no offense elephants dream, but blender was more capable in 2007-08 than your time) and a story that was entertaining and funny.

And now,


The Return of Two Animators from two previous projects,
the Even better paydirt of coding from Brecht Von Lommel,
and featuring these new guys and blender guru,
Ton Roosendal!


I saw on Blendernation something about Brecht’s top-secret coding project, will that coding project be revealed when 2.5 is released, it must be a totally mind-blowing feature or set of features if Brecht is keeping it under wraps, not even the volume rendering was kept secret.

I say its a revamped renderer with real motionblur, which I’m sorry but its necessary in-order for this to look really good. Vector Blur just doesn’t cut, imo.

blender has had “real” motion blur for a long time…look in the render panel. to the right of the “osa”/"fsa"button…this reference is in 2.4 series btw. I don’t know where in 2.5…

He finally gave into the daily feature requests to turn Blender into a free maya clone ‘for the new users’…

A girl and a dragon…

did anybody mention bestiality?

One can only hope…

Sago! Get back under that rock!

Sago leave the rock well alone! there’s no room under here for the both of us…

Besides CD an me know perfectly well that “virgins taste better”… (look up the song if you want to).

Besides a dragon… we don’t care about the dragon really, we’re going to have a Gurl! It’ll be a Blender first! besides the butterfly untill now we haven’t had any Girls in blender!
Woohooo! there’s even a Girl on the team! WHich means no big bouncy boobies in the movie, just the “tasty just right realistic” kind. (I hope, it tends to distract me from looking at the rest of the movie, when stuff stays bouncing in front of me).

Lets start some fanfiction! :slight_smile:
WHat the?.. no…nonononono… stop trying to get under the rock with us, you filthy perverts!

Edit: forgot my Brecht fanclub groupie scream… “BREEECHT! HIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”. faints
Nathan’s back too!
THis is going to be great… now I have to dig up my sofa to find some lost cash… I will fund this one even if it means eating pasta (again) for a month.

Ive got some excellent refrence footage the durian team could use.


Did i just type that?

As fas as I can tell its still a post processed motionblur filter. Its not an in camera 3d motionblur. That is really essential for anythin swinging in an arc. Then again I haven’t really used Blender’s motionblur that much other than to test it so I’m not sure if its still a vector blur or a real 3d shutter blur. All I can compare it to is what I see in Renderman and Mental Ray.

After a bit more digging around the wiki it seems that you are right. Is it a transform “3d” motionblur? I’ll have to do some testing to see.