Durian Sprint: Character Modeling Feedback

Hey guys, Colin here!

During the sprint this weekend, a couple people asked if I (or other members of the Durian team) would be available for questions and critique. Since I can’t be in IRC all the time, I thought it’d be better to post a thread here for people to post their work and get feedback!

This thread is for those who are working on character models for Durian to post their work and get feedback from the team and the community. For animation feedback check out the animation thread.

Just posted a thread also in the “Animation” section for critique on the animation being done for the sprint, so check it out.

Unlike our previous modeling sprint, we knew that the work being done for this sprint cannot really be done in just a day or two, and so we plan on keeping tabs on the work that’s being done throughout the week. However, we won’t be able to get back to everyone. So help us out by giving each other good critiques!

If you just heard about this event or haven’t yet gotten started, that’s okay! You still have a week to work. It would be great to have everything done and submitted by the end of next weekend, April 4th.

Find details about the sprint here: http://durian.blender.org/news/background-character-sprint-details/



Women - B


I’ve done what started out as the ‘Strong Man’ but wound up making some accessories and stuff to turn him into a priest and a soldier.

Strong Man



Women C



wow, that is so weird - i was wondering if any other Durian team members were on BlenderArtists (i already knew Cessen and Deevad were here), and i see this thread and you’re there! cool :smiley:

those characters look cool, everyone :smiley:

It would be nice to have some feedback on my model:


Obviously I haven’t started texturing yet. And the hair is just temporarily, plus that I’ll probably add a few accessories. However I have a few questions (since I don’t want to do to much unnecessary work):

  1. Do you want me to sculpt the clothes (wrinkles etc.) or are you planning simulate cloth like this for Durian?
  2. How much do you want me to work with texturing/shading? (I’ll guess you already great skin shaders etc. that is better ones I will come up with…)
  3. How should I procced with the hair (particles/alpha planes/leave it as it is… )

Crits and comment are welcome

Curse blog spot, you will also find it here…


/** this should work for now, but it is depressingly low res :confused: **/


Curse blog spot, you will also find it here…



Hey, nice work guys.

Dimetrii, beautiful work as always! Great sense of form and proportion, nice personality in both of the women you modeled. The cloth and hair is just the right amount of detail. You’ve even achieved a great sense of weight in the hair!

Have you done any material/texture work on their clothes or hair? I think it makes sense for us to work with poly hair for background characters but I think especially the wavy hair may be challenging to make look realistic?

Gustav, really good start! Right now I wouldn’t worry about sculpting or hair, if you’ve got time I’d work on putting in a bit more detail into the boots and the rest of the clothing. Be sure to use reference likethis to figure out how they should look! In general the body, as well as the face, looks a bit boxy. Like it was modeled a bit too much from the front or the side, but not enough “in the round”. See if you can smooth the face out a bit more. Reference helps so much for this stuff! Anyhow, it’s already looking very good. Keep it up!

renderrender- Hmm, still can’t see the image?


Old/Religious Man


One last try at posting this. I hope this is what you are looking for, as I don’t want to spend ages modelling to find out I’m heading in the wrong direction. thanks a lot.


@ Dimetrii: Excellent poise to the pose, very well-balanced and a nicely proportional figure. Only small crit is that the “bump” of the vastus medialis on the inside of her knee starts a little low and looks a bit abrupt.

@ paddfoot7726: Looks like a curmudgeonish ol’ coot :smiley: ! The hollow under the cheekbones looks too deep in front and not deep enough on the sides under the zygomatic arch. His eyes are a tad crossed-looking also though that may be a character trait. Maybe they need more centering in the sockets? How about an oblique view?

@Gustav Göransson: wow, awesome! reminds me of Colin (no, not effstops, lol) in Twilight Princess… :smiley:

@padfoot7726: nice!!! i like it :slight_smile:

I think I understand. Do you mean kind of like this?


A paintover is easier for an explanation:

The zygomatic arch is short, slightly curved segment of bone running from the prominent cheekbone (zygoma) back toward the ear, and in gaunt people like this guy, it’s made visible by the shadow under it at the side of the face. This pic of Steve Jobs is a pretty good example in a real person.

At the front of the face the sunken area under the zygoma is usually shallower than at the side.

Good call.

Here’s some references I dug up that might help:



Thanks a lot for the help, guys. :slight_smile:

How’s this?


Also, I went ahead and textured the hands. Also, I forgot to mention. The hand’s base model is from the durian tanner model, as when I model hands, they rarely turn out easily riggable. :rolleyes:


Looks better, I think. The hand texture is good, but the pinky looks too skinny & its tip too small compared to the other fingers.

Cloth texture’s good, too, holds up real well in close-up.

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