Durian team and all -Vimeo Festival deadline soon!

I received an email today. First I thought, “Great another online ‘festival’ with awards where people ‘win’ by the most hits and so on.”

But this actually sounds very cool, real judges and some actual screenings as well. Maybe many of you have heard of this and is old news. If not here it is.

There are lots of cool animations in this community so spread the word or brush up and finish those animations!. I’d be great to see a Blender film win.

And I never interact with the Durian team so if any of you frequent those blogs or irc channels maybe give them the heads up, they may have been too busy to look up lately to notice but if they finish in time no reason it could not be a contender. (unless they have plans to go to larger festivals first or any other reason I am not aware of)

(also note the CC license option below)

Good luck!

EDIT: As with most festivals with actual screenings and a budget there is an entry fee of $20.00 USD - so be forewarned.

The 1st Annual Vimeo Festival and Awards
http://assets.vimeo.com/images/email/vfa_logo.gif There’s just a few weeks left to enter your videos into the first-ever Vimeo Festival and Awards. If your video premiered online within the past two years, you should head over to www.vimeoawards.com and submit.

   We've lined up some seriously talented judges like David Lynch, Morgan Spurlock, DJ Spooky, Lucy Walker and several others. If you win your category, you'll be in the running for best overall Film or Video, the grand prize includes a $25,000 grant to produce your next big hit.
   Join us this fall as we celebrate the most innovative and creative films and videos online, Vimeo-style. [The Vimeo Festival and Awards](http://www.news.vimeo.com/fsydfryfdtfwpzgrwbtrdwcsrqwzjdcqtbzfrlcgydbryh_bqbqjzpdppdl.html) will kick off with a preview event in Amsterdam on September 10; followed by a two-day festival on October 8-9, in New York City. Vimeo will bring the realm of online video to life with screenings, workshops, parties, and more – it's going to be a blast! To top it off, we're honoring the best of the best in several categories at our very own Awards ceremony, and you could be a winner.

Creative Commons Licenses
http://assets.vimeo.com/images/email/creativecommons_logo.gif Vimeo is pleased to announce a better way to share your videos with the creative community. You now have the option of adding Creative Commons licenses to your videos This means that you can allow specific types of use, redistribution, and even remixing of your work, all with the click of a button. There are several types of CC licenses available so that you can control exactly how your videos spread through the Culturesphere. Read more about it here.