Hello all

This is my first real project that I’ve been working on. I’m creating a 3d rendition of a monster named Durontus made by Tyler Sowles(Killustartor). He posted an art contest and I thought what better way to inspire myself to learn more about blender than to just dive on in. The head is completed, It was made by using the poly by poly modeling technique.

Now I’m working on the body and I’m having some issues with the legs I tried extruding them into place but when I do they come out look weird and the tail pretty much has no where to go. Sooooo I deleted my lower half and I guess I’m just wondering how to continue, should I go poly by poly down or continue to box model this bad boy?

The reason I’m posting this would be to ask some of the experts here how my progress is going and what can I do to fix the rest of my mesh.

Thanks all in advance for you help

Nice work. Remind me of Godzilla.

Here another update I think I figured out the leg situation.

Next I’m gonna work on the tail. Probably just delete some verts and add a circle to extrude the tail. The body is still a bit blocky but I’m gonna fix that up with some good ole fashion set smooth then sculpt on it a bit.

Simpo: Yeah it has that Godzilla feel to it. I think that’s what Tyler was going for, in this classic monster look :slight_smile:

Another quick update. Striaghting out some verts in order to make the tail.