A nice piece done in a faceted style. Tell me what you think!


I definitely like it. :yes:

I guess I’m a sucker for stylized art. I like “fantasy” worlds that are without-apology built around “graphic art.”

I especially like those clouds. I’d love to hop into that scene and swing on that swing.

The tree … well, maybe the “leaves” ball is a wee bit too big, or maybe the limbs are a bit stubby, or maybe there aren’t quite enough of them. I like the mountains. Oddly enough, the one thing that my eyes really don’t care for is the faceted sand dunes. (Don’t ask me why.) Wonder how a “subsurf” modifier would look, only on that. Or maybe, slightly smaller facets. My eye has no problem at all with the purple whatever-it-is in the foreground.

The tonality and shading is, I think, very appropriate to the idea of “dusk,” and well executed. It is a pleasing composition to me.

But, overall, I really enjoy this piece (of art). Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, tree wasn’t really working for me either. Oh well, I gave it a shot. And the sand dunes were actually supposed to be grass. Maybe make them a bit greener? I think I should.

But yeah, I totally took advantage of cycle’s volumetric rendering for the clouds, and they turned out great.

Here’s an updated version based on your feedback (Grass greener, subdivided ground, tree still off)

Yes…this is quite nice…didn’t give me the slightest bit of “low poly” cringe …really …really do prefer the original…was the color blending… and the ground shading caused by the large faces that first caught my eye…but it is up to you after all…have fun …thanks

I really like the original image much better than the subdivided 2nd. I also like the colors a bit better as well. I think the greener grass in the second competes to much with the tree. You said you thought the tree was off. I think the tree is great. It gives me the sense I’m about to watch some sort of short film.

The only thing that gets me is the thing in the lower left. Not sure what it is… I assume bush, but it’s kinda tough to tell.

Anywho, I really enjoy this. I’ve wanted to do low poly world stuff but have trouble getting away from my technical photo background. Thanks for the inspiring image.

The 2nd has more realistic colours but there is just that something about the temperature of the original that makes it much better.
I prefered the non-subdivided grass, in the 2nd it looks too smooth compared with the other elements of the scene.