Dust clouds?

I’ve been doing a Moon render recently, and i want to have dust kicking up out of the buggy’s tires, as well as bits of haziness floating around. Here’s my render as it is now:

I’d like to create an effect similar to this:

I am on Blender 2.75a
Cycles render engine.
I’m rendering on the CPU and in all default render settings excluding the resolution, which is 1920x1080 (100%)

You’ll notice in my test render there are small hazes around the area, those are where I’ve used meshes with a volume scatter material to add a haze effect. It doesn’t seem to cut it for me. Would using a smoke simulation work better? If not, how would i replicate the effect in the second image? It would also be preferable if i can do it on GPU or it’s cheap on render times, but not necessary.

Thank you!

This looks like something the point density texture would be a good solution for. You´d have to upgrade to 2.76, though.


I had a look at that, and it’s exactly what i need, but incredibly slow. Hopefully GPU support won’t be far off.