Dust Mite

(paradox) #1

As mentioned on my Paradox Alley post, I’m finished with my Dust
Mite picture and have added it to my gallery. It is the last picture at
the bottom of the page. Enjoy.



(scrappy) #2

where would you find blueprints on something like that? lol, nice

(paradox) #3

LOL Thanks scrappy, blue prints would have been nice. Actually I based it on some electron microscope shots of dust mites. But instead of looking like you were looking through a microscope I wanted a veiwpoint
from the dust mites enviroment.


(VelikM) #4

Ugly! :o Only its mother could love it. Nice job!

(bverlaan) #5

nice, nice, nice

more I can’t say (I thought this was clear enough)

(sten) #6

I only have one comment to this…

CJ material !!

great work and I if anyone, knows that this is a
great progress for you as an artist in 3D/Blender…

wonderful job !!

continue that path my friend !!

(Run-Amok) #7

See told ya everyone would like it… Hope to do as well one day…ok wake up Run-Amuk…BTW…I guess I don’t have your email addy anymore…send me another will ya.

(wewa_juicyb) #8

nice, looks realistic (if you could actually look at something from that close…)
Maybe the dust is a little dense though, it would be cool if you actually made a scene in the background (or maybe just a picture of your living room from the floor). good work,


(TurboG) #9

Nice…I like the lighting on it and great model

(ndnchief) #10

Super Great Job Paradox, looks like it coulda been a picture taken through the Electron Microscope. Like it MUCH!!! It Kicks some serious ARSE!!!


(valarking) #11

Looks very very good, maybe not quite CJ calibre. but close!

(paradox) #12

Thanks for all the great comments. Glad you all liked it.

wewa_juicyb good ideas on the background may do something like that in the future. My next plans for this creature are an animation.

But first , I’m going to be doing some more pictures. Thinking maybe fish hardly anyone ever sees or maybe some one celled animals like rotifers
and ameoba. We’ll see.