Dust particles

ogether some realistic-looking dust particles. I’m not too experienced with particles, so anyone have any ideas for what would be the best way for me to go about drawing them will be given a cookie :). Thanks!

Short answer:
You could use a particles emitter with Halo material and Halotex turned ‘on’. In the Halo color map, set a Noise texture of some sort, and tweak materials until you achiecved the effect you want. You get a cloud/windblow/whatever of dust.
Hope this helps,

I’d spend some time thinking about what might be the easiest and cheapest way to get “a visual effect that looks sufficiently like a cloud of dust to be convincing for your purposes.” While a particle-effect might be just the ticket, don’t forget that the tornado in The Wizard of Oz was a muslin sock filmed upside-down. Whatever works should be used, so that the shot can be marked-off as “completed” … CG-based or not.

Also… dust-particles might be easily handled as a separate layer which is composited on top of the scene, using the Sequence Editor. (If it’s dusty outside a window, simply use a mask so that the dust is only visible “through” the window.) Dust is basically a noise-texture that is moving, and which is giving the effect of obscuring the stuff that is behind it. So, there are a lot of convincing ways to do that. Many of these involve compositing.

Objects may work well for very thick dust but mostly you may want particles.

I do not know what you are doing, so this may not be helpful, but if you have a spotlight and turn on its “halo” option, it makes it look like the light is shining though a dust cloud.