Dust shader

Hi there,

Here is the node setup material to create realistic dust placed on object topology.
It use vertex colors and the tool “Self Shadow VCol (AO)” of blender


Enjoy :wink:

CyaNn, you are forever one of my gods in the realm of shaders. Plain and simple.

Ho thanks Median what great praise
Happy the CyaNn… Happy…

Thanks :wink:

I think it’s possible to add scratch on vertex color white parts…
I will try.

gre8 :slight_smile:
thanks too much , a blend too please …

yes it is here

I can’t find the elf shadow haha ( J/K )…cool shading tut, it looks very good in the example.

I’ve create this shader because I don’t know how to make this only in procedural ???

I want to create a CAVITY SHADER, like in z-brush.
If Anybody have an idea for this.

I want to create a CAVITY SHADER, like in z-brush.

I’m also interested in this and a “wear” shader that would reveal a second shader on sharp edges (like warn paint on a metal surface, similar to this: http://digitalcarversguild.com/gallerypopup.php?GalleryID=1&ProductId=17&Page=2 ).


I think with node it’s possible, but how…