Dust to Object then back to Dust


I have a blend file that is about 70% done. Looking for anyone interested in helping me finish this 22 Second blend animation. http://www.thingsrinit.com/avideolink.html

Part 1 of the job.
At the start of the animation, I would like to have the desert create particles of dust that create the logo, aprox at 6 to 7 seconds in. By 13 to 14 seconds the logo completes the formation of the logo via particle settings. Or if using nodes is a better option then I am up for any suggestions.

At Aprox 19 seconds, I have created the destruction of the logo back into dust.
There is 1 odd particle that I can’t figure out why it is there but is part of the animation.

For an experienced Blender user, this should not be a huge challenge, but for me it has been.

Looking for a freelancer that could finish off this project for me for a flat rate. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested to make a few extra $$.
Please title your email “Dust to Object then back to Dust” and rate to complete the animation.

The blend file is available also on the same web page as the video.




I can help.

Email sent please check.

By : rachel at cisinlabs dot com

contacte me: rachel at cisinlabs dot com