Dust trails in BGE???


I’ve seen many 4X4 off road car games. When the car is driving on a dirt road, then a trail of dust is emitted from the tires. However when it is on bitumen then there is no trail of dust. How do you achieve this effect on a specific texture, i.e dust on dirt road texture, and no dust on normal bitumen texture. Can you post .blend files, as that will make it much easier to understand the concept.


I guess you always emit the “dust” objects.

The logic you describe is pretty simple:

  • Detect the material under the wheel. Emit “dust” only if it is a material that should produce dusts.

Alternative: you can detect objects with a property (rather than a material).

Can you post a .blend file as I am quite new to the BGE, and don’t quite know how things work. Thanks! :smiley:

better you post a demo with what you already have. Textures and hig detailed models are not required.

Unfortunately I don’t have a test file. I am quite new to the BGE :frowning: