Dusting up the old project

Hey guys!

This is an really old project of mine.

I really think sniper rifles are the coolest weapon, I decided to model one. Again.
My previous rifle was horrible, and it didn’t make any sense. So I though I would try again!

This is how long I came. The only thing missing really is texture. And I’m telling you, I suck at texturing. So if any of you got a tip for me, please comment, cause I need some help finishing this baby :slight_smile:

Good day to you!


Looks good so far. Depending on what style you’re going for, you could use a procedural to give it the effect it needs.

Thanks for the comment Chris_N!

I’m sorry, but I have no idea what prcedural means/is.

Eather it’s because I’m new to blender, or it’s because I suck at english.
You’ll have to explain it for me :slight_smile:

Have a good day.

Minor update.

  1. Made it hang on the wall instead of, like, flying.

  2. Laid a texture on the stock, and the scope (even if it is just blain black, it’s something)

The stock’s texture took loong time, but it turned out O.K!

Please comment :slight_smile:
Have a good day.


Tone down the specularity, and add a wood texture to the stock of the gun.

Also, is there a subsurf on the mesh? It seems very round, much more so than should be.

EDIT: In the world settings, try Ambient Occlusion, (You can probably find a few tutorials on the net), it makes everything look much better, especially in renders only using procedural materials, (Procedural just means the are generated within Blender, as in, you’re not using an image.).

Thanks for commenting tarkata! Straight to the point!

Made an update, using your tips.

Added wood texture (though it’s not brown, it’s greenish, something)
Toned down the specularity, it was really needed!
Also added Ambient Occlusion, but it’s seems like there is a very small improvment for such a huge rendering-time. Is my settings wrong, or does it take 4x time to render?

For the subsurf-thing, what should I do instead of subsurfing? It shouldn’t be a box should it?


You can add subsurf but you should double the edges where it needs to be sharper. Closer are the edges, sharper will be the edge once subdivided.

I’m always frustrated by AO as well, such subtle changes for a much longer wait time. Everyone says AO is the way to go, but I have achieved similiar results with properly distributed spots. Procedural textures are the ones blender generates internally as opposed to uv mapped image textures.

Maybe AO isn’ t the right direction. Sometimes it looks like it does nothing on objects with specularity and a high diffuse reflection.

I might also recommend Yafaray if you want really nice looking results, especially with AO and such. It may or may not be faster on your computer, on mine it’s much faster than the Blender internal renderer.

For crits as of now, try making the stock brown, unless the rifle is gray, in which case, nevermind.

And, what someone else said, if you want to keep subsurf on the model, try subdividing some of the sides, (Such as the back of the stock), so they have sharper edges.
Don’t end up relying on subsurf. Try to model the mesh to the greatest extent of detail that you can without any modifiers. Using subsurf is easier and quicker, but it’s not the best way to learn.

Looking good though, keep on working!:slight_smile:

Allright new minor update

I fixed some points at the stock to make them less rounder, but if there are any other points you guys think is weird-looking, please let me know.

Also cut off the butt, or at least changed the butt, the other one was kinda weird-looking.

Skipped AO this time also, to reduce render-time a little.

And yea, the rifles grey. I can include a picture that I used as inspiration while makin’ it!

Please comment! To you who does, thank you. You make me smile :slight_smile: (that without being gay)
Good day to ya.



  • Added new scene, cause the other one was starting to get booring.
  • Added pod
  • Added scope flippy thingy

And thats about it. Tell me what you think, and waht should be improved/added.

Thank you, and have a great day.


Minor update

Just fixed lightning, and some materials.

Good day


Some mesh updates.

Why aren’t anyone commenting :frowning: don’t leave me alone.

Have a good day.


the gun has a weird glossiness…

Great work though, I cant see much else wrong with it.

Thanks :slight_smile: That means alot to me being a noob

What part of the gun is glossy you think? The scope? The stock? The barrel?
Tell me, and I’ll fix it faster than you can say “Shit, that was fast”

Thanks, and have a good day!

Well I dont know much about guns, but its the part below the scope… I think its called the stock…

and one more thing, the “stock” looks like it is made of rubber, since it seems to be one part, I’m not sure if its supposed to…

Do you mean:

  • The part you hold when firing the gun
  • The part that connects the scope to the… well, gun



Fixed some materials, and changed the camera angle… slightly…
Hope that is what you meant to be fixed Tictoon :slight_smile:

Great day to ya’


Compared to your reference picture it looks like your guns barrel is a little short. But maybe that is what you were going for. It’s kinda hard to tell from the picture but it looks like you have a wood texture on the gun. Is that just a temporary texture? Other than that it looks good.

Thanks for the comment!

The barrel is actually short, but I think it has to do with the camera angle, though I’m not sure.

Also the stock is wood (woodstock, hehe) and it’s kinda permanent, though it needs some fixing. That is kinda why I need advice from you guys :slight_smile:

Thanks, and go have a good day.