Dustrunner flypast...

(Roy) #1

Hi, Based on Leemurs prompt for dustrunner imaage, my own idea. A dustrunner returning, beating up the office of Chromoco.

(Roy) #2

Trying to attach image…

(Roy) #3



(Roy) #4

Sorry about the attaching issues, there is clearly a file size limit? not sure what it is though, ho hum…

Hope the picture is interesting

(henrymop) #5

Very cool, nice textures and models.

(Leemur) #6

Wowza, I love it! The ship looks very cool from what I can see, and the building has a very Chromoco feel to it. Kinda looks “Chromoco”, doesn’t it?

I’ve got a massive pile of fun material that I have yet to upload to the wiki, but this pic made me dig out the old Chromoco logo I had lying around. You may not really like it, but if you wanted to stick some kind of logo on the building, it might come in handy. I’ve got an EPS on the site, but here’s a sample in PNG…


Can’t wait to see this one evolve :slight_smile:

(Roy) #7

Thanks for the encouragment, I will put in the logo at some point (I may change it slightly). I am exploring the whole area of creating sci-fi art with Blender, and having a project like this gives an anchor and ideas, thanks Leemur!

(Roy) #8

Logo for the building…


(Leemur) #9

That looks really cool. One tiny suggestion (while you’re in early stages)… maybe add a few of those fun little lights they use to illuminate large signs on buildings. Helps illustrate their self-importance :slight_smile: