Dusty Computer

My computer is full of dust, as you can see in this picture:
How would you guys clean this out? I’m afriad using a rag would create too much static. Is it important to clean it out?

yes its very important to clean it out, cause dust collects heat, and heat is a computers worst enemy. DO NOT USE A RAG!!! go to your local hardware store and get a can of compressed air to blow it out

Fill up the bath and dunk it. You have to plug it in first so the fan goes round.

I don’t actually think it’s too important having dust. Maybe too much might cause minor heat insulation so it could be harder for your machine to cool down but I doubt it.

Since dust is mainly dead skin, it doesn’t conduct so it’s pretty much harmless.

If you really want to clean it, I think I’d get a mini vacuum cleaner or a brush like they clean camera lenses with but I would probably just leave it.

im telling you you dont want a computer that dusty!! even though dust can be an insulator it can still be conductive enough to cause a short which would seriusly damage the motherboard. and it retains heats more than you think it does. trust me on this i’ve had it happen to me.

Unless you have cooling or aesthetic problems might as well leave it be. Otherwise as mentioed above, canned air is the way to go.


I use a vacuum cleaner about every 3 months.


try to get some exaust fans on the case so that the dust will not settle as much

use a dustbuster or a vacuum with a dusting brush on the hose.

that or some canned air.

dust is bad!

Just use a vacuum cleaner

I know this problem. I clean my pc every year 2 times, using a vacuum cleaner.
How do I clean my pc?

  • go to the MC Donalds, take a milkshake or cola and take it to home.
  • that small long thingy which you use to drink trough that your milkshake or cola, keep that behind.
  • Ok, take a vacuum cleaner.
  • Open you pc case, put that thingy from the drink in the end of the vacuum cleanr and use that long small side thingy as an extra … how you call it?

Anyways, that thing from the milshake is small enought the clean everything in your pc. If you made it flat by bitting on it, it’s even good to clean your cool block on your processor edge by edge.
Afther that take a screwdriver, and screw out the fan of your precessor. Now you’ll discover some black dust will come out. :slight_smile:
Ok afther screwing everything back and not screw it up, it has to work perfect.

About dusty pc’s, this one is a beginner to the top of most dusty pc’s ever. The most dusty pc I ever saw has complete clothes of dust inside the box. The dust came from the place where the are comes in, all over the motherboard, over the processor fan up to the end where the heat blows out. I had take some gloves to clean it up.

Well that’s an another story, some static electricity which you can get by walking over the floor can mess up your pc. :-? be sure to touch some metal outside the pc before touching the inner pc.

An don’t forget to clean it al least 2 times a year. :stuck_out_tongue:

i like to take an air compressor to mine. A little can of air doesn’t do nearly the same job. you should do it outside though as the dust goes everywhere!

One thing I want to do for my next pc is have a filter before the intake fan(s).
www.newegg.com search:air+filter

An air compressor will shoot particulates though, I wouldn’t recommend it if you can get a can of pure nitrogen…

paper towels?

Or wet paper towels, you can’t really blow dust with a paper towel that’s dry.

my air compressor is a particle system? (i guess i could consider myself lucky not to have destroyed anything with it yet)

Use and air compressor and blow the air out. Pull out any magnetic drives (cdrom, floppy) and then do it.

Where a mask and safety goggles first of course. But it seems to work best out of everyhting I’ve tried.

Whatever you do, don’t use anything wet, and be extremely careful about electro-static shock when you use swiffer dusters or anything like that, including rags.

i use those little compressed air cans to clean out mine

For the amount in that case, I think he’ll need the kind they use to pump up tires in the CAT dump trucks they use in mines…

I never guessed that this would be a multi-page topic!

I have an air pump designed to inflate mattresses and such… would this work, or should I go get a can? (I have a feeling I’m going to get a mixed reply.)

Do I really have to remove the magnetic drive?

The motor of a vacuum (in reverse here mind you, same principle) is usally magnetic, though hopefully whatever you’re using isn’t large enough to create electro-magnetic waves that large, it’s just a good safe practice.

It’s unlikely, though possible.

And if the pump is motorized then I’d go for it, since the lack of a motor means it needs to be pumped you’ll likely not be placing enough force onto the pump to force enough air to detatch lodged and attatched dust bunnies.

Same with an air can.

With that much dust I’d blow it all out outdoors or in an open garage. Make sure whatever surface you’ve placed it on very dry and clean, and smooth so as not scratch anything. Though you already knew that…and hold onto the case as well. It’s likely to attempt to take a dive once you start blowing air at it.