Dusty Old Tele (looking for ideas & critique)

ANOTHER BORING GUITAR RENDER? I’m hoping not! I want to have a finished image with some strong emotion to it. My rough concept is a worn-out old guitar that’s obviously been some poor musician’s friend along the way and is now being retired.

I’d love critique, ideas on composition to add more feeling into it, and any tips to make my materials better. Also, any good thoughts on making realistic floating dust in the air?

Here’s my work-in-progress:

Also thought about going in another direction where you’d see a close-up of a guitar that’s been smashed on stage. Maybe the out-of-focus guitarist in the background or something.

That’s a photo! amazing…

its looking bloody brilliant as it is mate, i like your idea about the guitarist in the background etc, but you could just have it with broken strings left against an amp stack with the band still going in the background, like they just dont care about it at all

but still epic pic, cant wait too see where you go with this

Very nice pic.
But if that really would be an “used” old guitar that has been some musicians friend, the metal wouldnt be that shiny and perfect :wink: especially near retirement :wink:

And yes, your other idea sounds also very nice.

Best guitar render I’ve ever seen.

I have a suggestion concerning the wood. You can clearly see where the lacquer has been stripped, scratched and damaged, but the wood remains clean. It needs to be dirty, especially in the elbow area, with lots of sweat and elbow grease. Also - we want dings! :evilgrin:

I absolutely love the composition, but right now the guitar looks like a new block of pine that was ran over by a spindle sander. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow that looks real

Thanks for the replies! I think I’ll go in and add some beat-up stickers and mess with the chrome parts. Anyone know how to make parts of a UV material shiny, and other parts not?

For dust you might try a slight “mist” effect with yellow-orange lighting. For UV shininess I think you just use Texture Paint mode to designate the shiny areas and turn on “Mirror” under the “Influence” section of the texture panel (turn off the “color” influence).

It looks amazing!
I think you should add the missing string holes in the metal parts and way more scratches and dust to make it look older, IMHO I would take out some of the DOF just to give it a better look, but that’s my opinion, :slight_smile: . Great job!