Dusty Plasma Vortex/Ball Lightning

I like this…

Doesn’t look like a lighting ball. Looks more like discharged plasma.

Still working on making it perfect, I am just happy with it even though it was not what I set out for, I love da blendin…

Next attempt, baking the one after :slight_smile:
Bun in da oven
Fresh baked pixels!!!

It looks great but you need to work more on effects as it does not look like dusty plasma…

Plasma heat shield aniamtion

Plasma ball rendering again, with better looking effects/dustyness

Thermal Imaging. Interesting.

That looks like photo-real thermal imaging :D.

Thank you :slight_smile:
I hope the idea itself will work(accelerating a spacecraft using heat shield plasma as a reaction mass)
I am still working on Effects, next I am doing a embryo thingy…
and then I was going to try and model earth+oceans+atmosphere