Dusty Pottery

(YRD) #1

Hi Blenders people,

This project was for me a study to try out the composition, volume lighting and create a calm mood. Modeling was done in blender, render cycles and dust added and some other colour adjustments in gimp. I finished it, but any comments for further projects are welcome!



Looks so good

(lucasmagia) #3

Very nice! It has a gentle and atmospheric look.

(C_Campbell) #4

well done!

(alf0) #5

amazing. i almost thought it was a painting !!!

(Richard Terry) #6

Very nice and artistic. I like it a lot :slight_smile:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #7

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(YRD) #8

Thanks! I realy enjoy