Dutch Exterior Scene

Hi guys, I would like to ask you for feedback.

Currently, I have got some break from commercial projects, and would love to spend this time for non-commercial project. The main purpose of this project is to increase my skills and get more common with Luxcore. My first thoughts were to create a whole set of renders using every render engine that I know, but I am not sure if I want to go back to 2.79 for creating them using V-ray and Corona

I would like to create this scene in full sun condition, and tried a lot of different hdri maps, the output that I am showing right now is based on Hdr Maps 282

Here below is Luxcore render in version number 26. Post production (color, contrast, curve adjusmtents and denoising) was done in blender compositor. render took 30 minutes in Cuda on RTX 3090 + RTX 2080TI and Threadripper 3960x

This view below took me 6 minutes using RTX 3090 in Octane and I really like how the right house extension is lightened. The Post-production was also made in Compositor, Caustic pass was taken from Luxcore.

Of course it is still WIP, and there is a lot to be done, but I am working on it from one week, and I am starting to lose motivation.

I would love to have similar quality as photographers below without re-creating their works in 3d.
Sarah Rowlands
Stijn Poelstra
Ronald Tilleman


I’ve enjoyed when I read the article.
I want to see finished results but for now, Luxcore is way better for me…

I wonder, why I hear “luxcore” more than ever before. Is it worth a try? What is different, which futures are better?

Nice work…

Hi @wardepot! What makes you to like Luxcore render more? The biggest difference is Caustic, which imo in scenes where is a lot of water makes it much more realistic.

Hi there Zorian,
Though I have had zero personal experience with Luxcore, I have been following up others’ reports on it’s capabilities and performance. By those accounts it seems to me that the time you mention is excessive, especially with the hardware, the medium resolution and the denoising and I think you may not be optimizing. There will be others to support or correct me and I say this only to help!
Maybe try to separate test stages: render / denoise / compose, to give a clearer testing ground?

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The both renders are a little affected by rendering engine tone mapper. I can upload raw renders+denoised renders+composited renders if that will help:)

I also don’t care about rendering time, and for me, it can be even longer. I just want to create photographic equal renders;)

Here is Raw render in Octane that I finished 2 minutes ago


and composited:

Also, if needed post-process nodes:

Hi @Zorian ! Welcomeback to BA again. And I said one thing: I really like your Corona projects inside blender. They are so clean. But i said one thing from my experiences about LuxCore: it is great render engine. BUT I don’t know me or we can’t exact the same result as Corona did it with 3dsmax or with C4D. Somerhing are different that we dont know it in LuxCore. E.g.: In LuxCore renders are mood and smothness than in corona for max with sharpen DOF. It is my thoughts. Anyway i’m using LCR.

Hi @odil24 I am really glad that you like these old renders made using Corona, and I would love to have Corona in the new Blender build, hovewer I cannot imagine going back and use it again so I am looking for alternatives. For sure in production I will stay with Octane which is super fast on single 3090, but I would like to renders sometimes something more complicated, as caustics for example, so that is why I am trying to use Luxcore.

And here are Luxrender outputs:



And compositor tree:

Great skills. There is power!

Thanks, I hope to increase the skill through this project :slight_smile: So I hope to get some feedback:)

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I’m starting to going back to my most common light setup - One 4k hdri map for lighting and the second for background/reflections.

Let me know your thoughts guys!

These two renders were made using Octane, so they miss Caustics, also the extension interior doesn’t have finished shaders, because I used the old one project which was made for Corona

ant the other sky:

as the main inspiration of the colors and style, I’m using Ronald Tilleman shots, here below is compare:

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I also hope :grinning:

Another set of renders:

And with decreased reflection:

Also made one test with changed position of the clouds:

In the last renders I noticed that Normal map should be inverted, but overall I do not see so much difference.

Still looking for help!

@janmorek would you like to be so kind?!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks! Maybe now I will get more feedback:)

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So I made a short video based of this render, but still IMO many things don’t play well in this shot.

I worked on Platanus leaves shaders, used another set of windows covering, I also worked on glass reflection and added volumetric water.

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where did you find the animated people?

Some feedback:

I would prefer to have a bit more space on the right/left/down. I feel the subject takes a bit too much of the image, a bit more space will let it breath more I think. I think also the reflection in the water could bring a lot of interesting detail to the image, show more of that maybe.

For the animated version I would try to add some movement to the water and the trees. Animate maybe the clouds very slightly.

Other then that it’s great work maybe add a night shot?

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Thanks @dbalex You’re the second who is writing me to make more space, so I will try to move camera a bit behind and I will check how does it look.Currently, many people wrote to me, that the water isn’t so reflective as I had before. many of the wrote that my water looks like mercury and not like a water.

Animated version was only test, If I will decide to make an animation I need to render movement almost of everything even caustics, so i am afraid that i will not do it, unless the still shot will be perfect.

There are animated 3d people by Render people and Axyz, I think many others have got the same option in their collections. This woman is a free sample provided by Vizpeople

Another render, changed hdri to 3dcollective one