DuWamf(+): Dude, Where are my folders? Access favorite folders like a Boss, 2.79/2.80 (Paid/Free)

Yeah those are just warnings, it does not affect the fuctionality, it is a new 2.80 convention issue. The addon should work. I will update those things when I have some free time later.

Yes - then you could add other key folders from you workflow, say I use this for UR4… makes you wonder if some kind of workflow to-do list add-on would be usefull?

As a total newbi - just found that i rather not yet got to that question, i ask dude what do i do… and then what add-ons can i use. I find myself trying to learnin things that I wont use untill later… typically I then forgot.

Inspired by this - perhaps it would make sense to make “folders” for add-on functions… sort of a blend between workflow/function and tutorials( - why not link to tutorials? ) - say you would typically make the UV at some point of your project, so why not get a full overview of all the rellevant add-ons and possebly a customized interface set up for that specific taks…

well, I have good and bad news!

Good news first.

My current wip addon addresses workflow and all that. I am really trying to make working in Blender as fast as possible, so that noone of us wastes time on minute tasks like browsing folders or finding the files we need. I will try to release this in couple days actually, I have been brushing it up.

The bad news is that I am planning to make it a paid addon (will be between $10-$20 range). However I am ok with giving free licenses to those who cant afford.


Well, guess what, this is another backlogged addon that I started in the background. I was just today sketching it out. Addons are great! if we remember that we have such and such addon for such and such task. I think that there shall be a master addon that handles all such tasks of finding the right addon for the right task. Would not it be awesome one can have all the Blender addons in the world and not worry about enabling, installing or remembering what they are for ? That was my starting point, so I feel your pain.

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Np, I would pay for add-ons, if only I would have the overview of what I need. I only used Blender with MB-Lab to make characters for UR4 yet, and I am totally lost as to what i need and what I can otherwise do. (UR4 as-is holds yet thousands of options, blue prints, blended animations and lots of other stuff… how much do I need to know?)

Key to this could be that a heap of Blender professionals/artists could sell/refurbish their hard work to game developers… - I believe there is a gap there - If only they knew the additional steps to do so? Say some artists would not care at all if their work could be re-used, but if you can do that… port it to blender-market, or perhaps easily “push” that on to animators/gamers then you could save us all a lot of time… and the artists could make a buck from old work? Then again, there may be add-ons that do this already… Say there is this one: GYAZ Export Tools (Seamless Blender To Unreal 4 (FBX))

Former game artist here, I understand the issues you bring up, and I again was contemplating some solutions for it alredy :slight_smile: However one thing that needs to happen is that people need to realize how much time it takes to make quality assets and addons, development of assets and code in general. I think that once the incentives are there, more and more Blender related stuff will come out.

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I was in on the very first versions of the internet(that old!) - so i know that people won’t mind doing the same things; over and over again. However - taking form philosophy - the same people would feel better if they knew that they were not inventing a “better” wheel… you would probably hate me for pointing to any other add-on that “does the same”, turning attention from purpose to policy!

Creating real value would be that you could “blend” your add-ons by function/workflow/timeline… and possibly doing some “internal” crosschecking, to ensure that you work fit into some greater scheme. Say when you build a scenario, props or characters… could you then port them to MB-Lab, and have thousands of animations off the shelf.

I don’t really know how you could make money on this… but I am thinking about it.

Well there are some add-on devs and artists trying tackle the issues you bring up. Things like asset managers, refitting rigs etc are all in that realm, however even more is possible I think with Blender. It is just finding the enough brain and man power to create the synergy for chaging the way things are done for sure.

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I just published DuWamf+ with more features. More details are in the top post.



I just published DuWamf+ on Blender Market


Tried to install DuWamf in 2.79 in macOS but it didn’t take.



Are you able to see any errors of what is? Is this DuWamf or DuWamf+?

Sorry. It is DuWamf. Actually there are no messages at all. I select the compressed file, hit enter and the screen shows all my adding as if I hadn’t done anything. Retrieving by doing a search of adding shows nothing.

Thanx for the help.



If you are able to run Blender from a terminal, and see if you can get me what it prints in the terminal regarding this add-on, that would be great. I need to see the error to be able to determine what is going on.

I just pushed new versions for the free and the paid one. This release fixes the 2.8x compatibility issues.

Is there going to be an updated Duwamf for the upcoming 2.93 release ?
Currently its broken. thx!

What error do you get? I mainly use 2.92 myself

I think it has something todo with blenders upgrade to python 3.x

Python: Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\rbx775\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.93\scripts\addons\DuWamf_WhereAreMyFolders_init_.py”, line 84, in execute
TypeError: startfile: filepath should be string, bytes or os.PathLike, not _PropertyDeferred

location: :-1

Tried the paid and the free version.

Thanks for the report, I will take a look at it.

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