DV encoder

Hi, well i would like to encode my animations to dv format. So what i do is exporting my animation in raw avi, then i convert the raw avi in dv avi, but when i do this, the quality is very bad. I tried to encode in dv with microsoft movie maker, or other stuff like movieXone, but the quality is always bad, even when i put the quality setting to the max. Anyone has an idea? Or a software (free if possible, linux or windows) that can achieve a good dv encoding?

I know of a free program called WinMPG Video Convert that does avi to dvd. Might try it. No idea where you would look for it though.

WinMPEG download page
(mpeg 2 encoding limited in trial version, no legal program will give it to you for free)

I use the tsunami mpeg encoder (for mpeg1, mpeg2 is trial, expires)
download page
home page
– edit, I forgot to mention the tsunami encoder trial is not for commercial use

He’s talking about DV, not DVD.

I’ve heard the DV codec that comes with Windows is not so good. Mainconcept sells a DV codec for USD$50 or so which is supposed to be better, but I haven’t tried it and I don’t know if it needs new software, or if it’s a drop-in replacement for the MS one. Apparently the DV stuff should get updated with directX, windows media player etc, so make sure you have recent versions of those.

I’ve only worked with DV footage within Premiere, Vegas 4.0 and Final Cut Pro - I’ve had no quality problems with them, including printing it back out to DV tape, though of course they are a bit more expensive :o I heard there is a Linux editor called cinellara or something? Perhaps that mayve have DV support?

transcode (for Linux) can write dv. http://www.theorie.physik.uni-goettingen.de/~ostreich/transcode/

maybe you´re getting tricked by the the DV file preview on the computer screen, which is bad, indeed. But if you done it right, you ended up with a DV file (3.5 MB per second, component video, 29.97 frame rate, 720x480 - NTSC that is… little different for PAL).
If you get this file and open it by a DV capable application (Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut or IMovie, Avid (Pro line or free), Microsoft Movie thing…) and your PC has a Firewire output, the video will play pristine on the TV screen. You can also output (record) the video onto a DV camcorder and back to the PC eventually, with no quality (generation) loss. - The DV stream travels on the firewire cable as in a network cable, not as in a electrically messy video cable ;).
By the way, to watch the video on the TV screen, you need a RCA or S-Video (better) connector on PC firewire card too. If not, you have to hook up the camera between the PC and the TV. PC > Firewire > DV Camera > SVideo -> TV.

Hope it helps.

Alexandre Rangel

Arg, Arangel you are perfectly rigth! When i try to see the file with windows media player, or stuff like like this, the output is terrible, but when i try to read the file with the software that has made the file, it is much much better.
Thank you very much. I tried to find another solution during hours and hours (easily 10h), and finally the file was initially good. It’s a bit frustrating.
Thanks again!