DVD - After Effects or Premiere

Hi everbody,

in a few weeks I will begin to create a DVD. I am using Adobe Encore on WinXP. But I don´t know what software is more important for me (beside Encore): Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere? The videocontent on my DVD will not have incredible-super-hollywood-effects but of course some basic text-animations/blendings or stuff like that. Can I use Adobe Premiere for my basic animations or will I have to buy After Effects too?? Or can I use After Effects for some basic Premiere stuff? Or is it really necessary to buy both programs?

I would really be greatful for some help!!


If you are choosing one or the other, let me let you in on a couple features that might help.

Premiere: Good Editing, includes some sound editing controls. Does basic basic basic animation, scrolling across the screen, end to end keyframe animation. Has some easy to apply transitions.

Let’s you burn to DVD w/o menus. This feature doesn’t work well on all systems though.

After Effects. Any animations you want to do, animated photoshop filters.
Not real good sound editing controls. Doesn’t burn DVD. Exports to various formats. Has some 3D animation capabilities, but no modeling capabilities.
Let’s you import frame stills for animations like with blender frame exports and turns them into a single movie clip. Works with images a lot better than premiere.

If your DVD is not that complex (ie: multiple-level menus, etc.) then why do you need a mid-range app? Why not look at something consumer level (and cheaper) like Premier Elements or Sony Vegas+DVD?

(I would recommend Pinnacle Studio Plus 10, but its chock full of bugs that are not getting fixed. If I sound a little like a frustrated user, its because I am. Pinnnacle recently got purchased by Avid and nothings been patched right since. Buyer beware!)

Also, you might look at the forums that these companies serve and ask there about specific recommendations from their users.