DVD Authoring

So my family got a Cannon ZR950, we filled the miniDV discs and want to put our videos on a DVD(got a stack of HPDVDs for xmas), WE have the following: A USB port to transfer them to the computer and a DVD+/-.RW/RAM/CD-ROM/RW drive, but no software to make a menu or convert and burn that videos we made so I googled around abit but didn’t find much of anything and so wondering if any of you can suggest some(preferembly free/GPL) DVD Authoring software that can help us out.

(I am on WindowsXP SP3)


That’s a good place to start. There’s a tool section on there and you can limit the selection down to DVD authoring tools. As far as I know they have one of the most complete lists of opensource / freeware video tools on the web, and a ton of guides and tutorials for converting from one format to another and basically making stuff work. I haven’t made a DVD in ages, but that’s where I figured it all out from.


free and simple to use.

Windows DVD Maker also comes with Vista and Windows 7. If you are on xp look for free download.


for a start: don’t, whatever you do, use that usb cable to capture video from your miniDv camera. you’ll find you lose a/v sync. if you’re just using it to transfer pre transcoded files to your pc, that’s fine.

I’m pretty sure you can pick up a trial copy of Encore cs4 from Adobe.com for free - and it works fine for 30 days. Not sure about open source dvd authoring software - but sourceforge.org is your best bet.


Tapes, actually.

Suggest using firewire to transfer. If your PC doesn’t have a port, then buy an adapter. Worth it.

Windows Movie Maker should do well to capture and even do simple editing on your clips. Be sure to save things as DV-AVI codec rather than WMV, tho!!! WMV=bad for compatibility with anything non-Micro$oft.

Windows DVD Maker might be adequate for simple disc production, but I’d say get used to using something like DVDAuthor GUI (free) instead, for more flexibility and standards compliance.

If you’re willing to drop $50 for some great features, usability and fewer headaches, take a peek at Pinnacle Studio.

But, like Squig said, videohelp.com will be your best friend.

I’m downloading it to try it out, but I just found some open source DVD authoring software.

DVD Flick

[Edit] Ha! It has a built in Tetris game that you can play while the DVD is encoding! :smiley:

I used DVD Flick to burn my video project for school. It is pretty good.

Yeah my computer doesn’t have a firewire port, how would the adapter work(I.E. what does it connect to and adapt?)?

Read up! :smiley: You should be able to get an adapterfor your system pretty cheap. Your Canon has this as an output port, also. It is similar to USB, but like was mentioned should be without any sync issues. It was originally designed with video transfer in mind as a primary use.

Yes, I’ve also used DVD Flick… an older version… and it does a good job for basic stuff. (May be more advanced now… IDK.)