DVD cover - A Vision of Morocco

My DVD cover is ready. It’s Blender and Yafray plus a Gimp DOF and minor retouche. I know the lizard is little of a lizard but I like the light and the mood enough to mark it completed. C&C welcome for the benefit of future images.


Next time create some hindlegs for your lizards.
Perhaps they’re there, but they’re not visible at the place where you would expect them to be.

They’re there, and you can see them. Better would have been, even though he’s coming out of his hole, to place the foot up at the top of the rock so the leg has a nice ‘outcoming’ bend to it. I’d make him look less like a skink.

Do you plan to overlay any text? Right now it’s fairly plain. I’d like to see the finished product.

This is what the whole thing looks like. The back (on the left) was made in Povray.


Have more fun with your text. This is a quick axe job in Gimp (and I didn’t touch the bottom, which is OK), but it draws the piece together better. What think you?

(Sorry, big PNG.)

That looks great! Nice work! Although, I can’t seem to find the hind legs that Duoas says are there…

That’s really great! The design was so far standartized and thus it looks that way. This time it went to the lab already but my next cover featuring Ukraine will have the front more attractive. Thanks.

I’d change the type. maybe it has a bit too greenish hue, but - says so my monitor :stuck_out_tongue: