DVD guides still useful?

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I bought myself the “Low Poly Game Character Training Series” and “Vehicle Modeling Series” DVDs a few years back which were made with Blender 2.5 in mind. I really want to get back into learning how to create game characters and vehicle models for ArmA 3. Are these DVDs still in date or are there more up-to-date DVDs to go with an updated Blender?


I believe the DVDs should still have value. When learning from tutorials, you should try to learn the techniques and not the tools. Techniques are a lot more flexible than learning a specific tool and can be transferred between software packages. Tools and UI can change rapidly and Blender’s UI has undergone some adjustments since those DVDs were released.

As far as poly modeling is concerned I think you should be able to follow any modeling tutorial written for any of the big 3d packages Max, Maya, Lightwave etc. I used to do a bit of car modelling some time back, now I spend most of my time doing digital painting and low-poly models, but as far car modeling went I hardly ever used more than 7-9 tools (you can find my very old M6 on Blend Swap which I uploaded in 2009 I think) and I think that is the same for other kinds of modeling.

One of the first modeling tutorials I did was the old Joan of Arc tutorial which is a max tutorial, my first car one was also a max tutorial on modeling a fiat 500

Like Richard said study the techniques. The interface changes between 2.5 and 2.7 are pretty small so I think you should be able to follow those tutorials, but I would advise that you look into some of the modeling tool changes by going through the previous Blender release notes. Bmesh did add some important tools for hard surface modeling like bevel, inset etc.

I was also thinking Bmesh would be about the only major change from when that DVD was released, and it’s really up to the user whether they want to use ngons or not.

I’m going through the vehicle modeling series again for a refresher and it’s still useful.

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The DVD guide is very useful . I’m looking for something really detailed, so I expect it to be a rather long dvd or series of dvds. DVD can be a great way of getting your film seen by a wider audience.