DVD menu - My sample video clip

I was creating a DVD for a friend (home videos and stuff) and decided to ‘go fancy’ with some BLENDER3D effects. So here is what I used…


  • DIVX 5.1 (5.0 or less will not work)
  • MPEG Layer3 audio codec
  • A fast PC
  • I suggest a download manager, like DAP or GetRight. My server is always loaded with visitors and tends to hang (LOCKED) on occasion. If it is LOCKED, reload/refresh or open a new page again. Thank the “Brainiacs” at Verizon DSL for not being able to figure this problem for over a year.

Web Page:

Direct Link:
http://mysite.verizon.net/vze3nvj6/Blender/DVDtest(DIVX).avi (right Click and save, if needed)

Although I used DIVX Multi-Pass compression for this forum, it still doesn’t compare to a high quallity DVD.
This is a BIG file, (720x480) and 5.85 MB
I’ll keep the file on my server for a week, due to web space limits, sorry.

Nice work - looks good to me!


Very nice :slight_smile:
I love the music, it fits perfectly!

  • Bentagon

Very nice work man!! But the floor could use a bumpmap to make the reflenction not so clearly visible. (I dont know for sure if bumpmappig changes the mirrored reflection right but youll just have to try)

Thanks for the coments guys!

I know, it looks a bit too “perfect”, the floor is too smooth. I thought so too. The timing is a little “slow”.

But with that in mind, it took a whopping 5 hours to compile, due to the ray tracing of the floor reflection, plasma TV frame and 3d chrome lettering.

The next time, I’ll do the corrections, but for my buddy’s DVD, it is good enough.

The music is from Christopher Franke (formerly of Tangerine Dream) from the album “Pacific Coast Highway”