Dvd - Psp

Does anybody know if there are any programs that convert dvds to psp format so you could watch them on your psp? If so are they legal?:rolleyes:

I think it is technically legal to copy something you’ve bought for yourself. Just rip the DVD to a common video format and convert to the psp mp4 format.

ffmpeg can.

yeah but ffmpeg can do pretty much anything like that :stuck_out_tongue:


Technically it’s illegal to circumvent DVD copy protection (according to the DMCA), but it’s not really enforced. Let your conscience be your guide.

How could your conscience even get in the way of this? If you own a copy, as far as I am concerned you should be able to put that copy on whatever you want, whether it is an iPod, PSP, computer, or DVD player. It is your movie, you payed for it, you can watch it on anything of your choice.

It is not your movie, it is the copyright owner’s movie, that’s why you are not allowed to copy it.

copyright law only makes it so you can’t sell copies or take credit for the work. I believe you can still copy it for your own personal use legally.

That’s a common misconception. The fact is, regardless of your intent, making a copy, even if for non-profit personal use, is still a copyright infringement. Granted, you probably will get a lesser penalty if you’re caught and you didn’t make a profit, but it doesn’t make it legal to do so. The reasoning behind it is that you are providing content for free which would normally need to be paid for. And the DMCA says that you can’t break the CSS encryption on a DVD, which is necessary in order to make a copy (whether it’s a PSP, Ipod, DVD, etc that you are copying to.) That’s why I said use your conscience. Some people are sticklers for the law, and don’t want to take a chance on breaking the law. Others feel that making a backup copy is perfectly within their rights. Just make sure you don’t get caught…

F that. The Fair Use doctine says other wise, and the DMCA is load of crap. I liked Bill Clinton and all, but letting that get into the law was one of the stupidest things he did.

Copy everything and anything for your own personal use, and if they give you trouble, give the EFF a call. There are plenty of lawyers willing to defend Fair Use.

See this:

…in the current regime, the circumvention of antipiracy technology itself is an illegal act and can often trump the consumer’s legal right to fair use of legally-owned material, such as making personal copies of their movies.

The court found that the purchase of a DVD does not grant the purchaser the authority of the copyright holder to decrypt CSS. Although the purchaser of a DVD has the right to view a DVD with a licensed DVD player, the act of circumventing CSS to view the DVD on unlicensed software such as 321’s is in direct violation of §1201(a)(2).

Its not “Fair Use” that gives a person the right make copies for personal use. It is the “Audio Home Recording Act 0f 1992”.

Roofoo, the link was quite interesting. I suspect it is this legal ruling that has forced MaximumPC magazine to advise using several utilities and a bunch of complex steps to get around the whole DMCA thing.