DVD-ROM Causing Freeze in XP

Hey guys, I guess it’s about time I ask about this problem. I’ve only been putting up with it for several months. As some of you may remember, I built a computer a few months ago. It had some problems which I can barely remember now, so I reinstalled Windows. Now it works fine save for one weird problem: when I put a disc into the DVD-ROM drive, the computer freezes up.

You know how when Windows scans a disc, it flashes that little “CD” icon behind the cursor? That’s when it happens. I put in a disc, it starts flashing that little icon, then the computer completely freezes up. Even the keyboard stops responding. The screen doesn’t change, it just sits there until I reset it.

Here’s the weird part: it’s only a problem if I put in a disc when Windows is running. If I quickly slip a disc in while the computer is starting, not only does Windows not freeze up, but it can actually read and access it without any trouble. It’s only a problem if it does its little “scanning disc” CD cursor thing.

Weird, huh? I asked about this in an IRC room a while ago, and they said to get a new drive. I’m not eager to do that considering that this one still works, and that the problem is obviously related to Windows. (It never happened until after the reinstall.)

Well, any ideas? (Hmm… I ought to see what happens if I do it in Safe Mode.)

check if theres a newer firmware(not talking about drivers here) for your cd/dvd-rom, might help, maybe…

Well, best thing to do would be find another DVD drive - borrrow one from a friend if you have to, and see if the same thing happens. If it does, then you’ve ruled out the drive as being the cause of the problem.

how about the jumper settings on the drive , is it a slave of a hard drive? If so , is the jumper set to slave or cable select? Try setting it to slave (also check the physical connection of the cable).
Just a few guesses.

good points to check out too, indeed.


I see where you’re going with the Safe Mode; it sounds like a driver/software problem. Do you happen to have Nero installed? Their on-the-fly recording solution (lets you just copy files to blank CDs as if it were a normal drive) did the exact same thing to me. I removed … InCD, I think it was called. No problems afterward.

Just a thought. Another thing you might want to try is to remove IO and/or disk drivers in the Device manager and reinstall.

My thinking is that it can’t be a hardware problem as it never happened before I reinstalled Windows, and because it actually does work. It’s not a slave of anything either (I don’t think) but I can check.

I like the idea of uninstalling and reinstalling the device, that sounds like it might work (either that or make all hell break loose).

I just remembered something that might help. I disabled a lot of background services on this machine to make it run faster. Might one of them be the problem?

Why would you have a DVD drive and a hard drive on the same IDE cable?

I tried doing it in Safe Mode today, and no freeze. Currently combing through various processes trying to find the culprit…