DVD training: Character Animation

New DVD produced by Blender Foundation:


1st post!!! Me wants!!! :(being broke is bad, very bad:(

Rock on! Had no idea this was coming down the tubes.

Looks really fantastic. These training tools keep getting better and better and are well worth the money.

Whoa! Instant classic. I’m placing an order after X-mas shopping.

edit: I think they meant “Biped”

another dvd for my blender shelf

I think that from what I’ve read from William about the UI and what I’ve seen in BBB, this DVD is really going to rock!

William is great at explaining things and at dividing bigger problems into small and ones, and this will let everyone improve their character animation skills in a short time.


PS: is a Nathan’s one about rigging also in the process ?

Well, there goes my beer money when my next paycheck arrives! Time to switch from microbrews to Budweiser for a while…

It’s great to see all the books and DVDs coming out! Even if my bank account doesn’t agree.

Why cant this DVDs be also available trough download? At least for who buys the DVD, waiting for shipment takes too long and its boring :stuck_out_tongue:

by the way, will that character be available? Blender needs more characters to practice, there are a few good, but many are ugly. Animation mentors characters have a great look


  • It seems that the character is available! I SUPOSE, at least it shows up on the teaser getting rigged!

One thing I 've noticed was, the shipment were going to start 29th december, now its 6th january… tomorrow will be 30th january ?!

One thing I 've noticed was, the shipment were going to start 29th december, now its 6th january… tomorrow will be 30th january ?!
Yeah, who do the Blender Foundation dudes think they are, they think end of the year is like some sort of holiday and time for relaxation or what?

Yesterday I buy “Character Animation” through blender e post.
I expected to have the dvd in 7 - 10 days…
Disappointed to hear, maybe I need to wait till february

I didnt want to sound rude at all, thats my lack of atention while writting things down.

Could someone tell me if they’re able to download the preview movies? (including the teaser)

I’m only getting time outs here, and I’m so anxious to see them! :o

two days to start shipping =)

did anyone already got the DVD ?

They already got the DVDs in stock. Dont know if they’ve got in Blender Foundation?! But, you know, when you send a DVD Master, to a CD manufacturer, it takes time…

I supose this next 4-14 days, everyone who already shoped the item, will get it :slight_smile:

I wish it could be possible to buy the DVD, and get it imediately online, while the DVD doesnt arrives home. Or, buy the online version cheaper withtout the DVD.

But my advice is buy the DVD, suport Blender and knowledge is priceless, its not like … buying beer!

Oh and remember you’ll get this new Rigged character, wish is really good to learn animation! Its as simple as the Animation Mentors ones. Most of the rigged characters for blender, are kind a ugly :stuck_out_tongue:

So anyone get the DVD yet? If it’s already shipped, it sure is taking a lot longer than usual to arrive here.
I’m just curious…

Not yet, but Adelaide is about as far as one can get from the Blender Foundation. So when I have it, most people should… :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to get my copy. Unfortunately I don’t think it will come before school starts again. School always gets in my way of blendering. I needs no more learnings!