dvd unlock

i just bought a toshiba laptop with a dvd drive and saw 5 movies in it. after that the dvd locked up with a message that it could not play another region dvd. anyway i can reset it. i googled the problem but came up with nothing.
thanx in advance

are you using windows media player to play the dvd, or some trial version of some other kind of dvd player?

the dvd plays intervideo dvd or media player. either way the error message is the same that the region3 setting cannot be changed .

Usually dvd players lock themselves to just one region after you change the region setting a set number of times. Looks like this locks itself after a certain number of plays. You can look to update the firmware to region free (risky) or use some software solution. I use to use DVD Region Killer though don’t know if this is still around.

You could also try playing them in VLC which i believe can play any region DVDs.


My brother recently purchased a Toshiba laptop, which I read the manual for. In it, it stated that the drive will only ‘switch’ regions a certain number of times before it locks itself to a region. I’m not sure if using VLC NOW will help, but you could always try. From what I’ve read, playing DVD’s using VLC will not increase the counter for the region lock. Anyway, you should be using VLC to watch videos anyway :stuck_out_tongue: The only issue I have with VLC is it doesn’t stretch the NTSC color range (16/16/16 black and 235/235/235 white) to appear as 0/0/0 black and 255/255/255 white. A little tweaking with some sliders helps, but it’s never really right.

thanx tatsuyame,
will try the same. is going into the registry of some help?

No, the lock is in the hardware of the DVD player itself.

VLC player can play any region of DVD, anytime.

Try DVD43
It runs in the background, removing the region code.