DVI Cable

This is my first post.
DVI Cable Rendered by Cycles

Looks great, I like the colors.

Excellent work.
4 stars for ya.:slight_smile:

Nice colors btw.

Looks neat, really smooth. And the colour of the copper (if that’s what it is) is spot on.

my only criticism is that the screws don’t seem to have threads on them, which they should IRL. generally, DVI cables are not that interesting aesthetically… but the overall execution is quite good.

I made screws partly by Bolt Factory Addon.
But rendered by Glossy Shader, their threads were not visible.
Thank you!:slight_smile:

hmm, yeah, very hard to see, but I’ll take your word for it. Good detail.

too bad real dvi cables don’t come in such wonderful colors. Spot on!

Looks awesome. I love technical renders.

Although I did notice some flat spots on the rounded ends of the plastic connector towards the cord. If you used a Edge Split mod then I would say to increase the angle depth, and that should fix your problem.

Awesome work man.


Yes! I had a problem about sub-surf and edge because Cycles has no Auto-smooth option. Now I understand Edge Split mod. Thank you for your advice!

Yeah no problem! Technical modeling is a passion of mine. I should post the corsair dual 120 mm heat sink I modeled for a company I was working for.