Dwarf Fortress

Ok so I don’t know if anyone here has ever heard of dwarf fortress. Dwarf fortress is an ascii based game like Nethack and Rogue, but with a drastically different play-style. In dwarf fortress you control a group of dwarves and build your fortress with endless possibilities like bridges windmills fortifications grates plumbing and much more. The greatest part about Dwarf Fortress is that since it lacks any real graphics this allows the item descriptions and attributes to be more complex than any other game you have ever seen. for example this is a description of an artifact that one of the dwarves made.
This is a toy boat. All craftdwaftship is of the highest quality. It is decorated with cave spider silk and encircled with the bands of Jet. This object menaces with spikes of platinum and Obsidian. On the item are images of Mangrove trees in platinum. On the item are images of dwarves in platinum. On the item are images of muck roots in groundhog leather.
I think it would be funny if the blender community gave the dwarf community a little break from their poor graphics and surprised them with items modeled after their ridiculously intricate items. also if any of you decide to start playing the people on the dwarf fortress forums have a creativity level to match that of our own forum.