Dwarf Head

Good afternoon everyone. I recently joined the open beta for Warhammer online and am enjoying it so far. Anyway, I’m playing a dwarf engineer and was inspired to make a bust of what the guy might look like. Sadly, I swiped the make human head and sculpted it into what you see here. I plan on using this project to learn tools I’m still a little unfamiliar with. Primarily I will be focusing on SSS and and particles/hair. I’ll also be practicing my texture painting skills… which as of yet suck. Anyway, here is the base. (about 20 minutes of monkeying around) Textures and beard to come :slight_smile:

That is pretty cool. Don’t worry about using make-human to get your meshes - in my opinion it is a tool like any other, although for some purposes like animation, Make-Human may not necessary be an ideal tool.
The image is going to be awesome after you have added your materials.

he looks cute and i dont know why…hehe keep on rollin’!

Make a beard for him. All dwarves have long beards.
Looking cool

Looks really nice so far. I would say make his face stockier though…for a dwarf.

small update. I did some playing with SS and did some work on the skin texture… I still have a lot of details n buisness to add, but this will be the base. Let me know what you guys think… I did some playing around with Hair… its a bitch! if any of you guys have a good tut I could check out to understand particle settings and curve firlds better I’d love you forever.


Eyebrow update… still looking for a good tutorial on particles if anyone can direct me to one.


Made some pretty good progress today. Spent about an hour and a half on the beard this morning. It’s not quite the way I like it yet, but its getting close. I’ll probably make the braids longer, add some bands on them. I think I might skip the hair and go straight for a nifty helmet. What do you guys think?


looks awsome, try making the beards hairs a bit thicker.

The beard makes it look 100% better; Now it looks like a dwarf. If I were you I’d put some hair on the top of his head before you start the helmet.


The eyebrows seem too… defined? It is too long, I think it would look better if you maybe tapered it abit towards the edge, so there isn’t so much contrast between the long hair and skin.

And the braids are WAY too loosely woven, they also seem to be in random(?) places. Usually dwarves would have those two braids lowered 3-4 inches. =]

Thank you both for your comments.

I agree on the eyebrows. I’ve been playing (unsuccessfully) with some other options. Since the render I’ve increased the number of children so it appears much thicker. The idea was that the bottom corners of his mustache and his chin hairs are braided. Apparently that doesn’t come across. I’ll do some more messing around.

Maybe why it looks wrong is because the hair doesn’t gather(?) towards the braidings. Instead of the braids to just appear through the hair, make the hair surrounding the braids (/look) as if the braids are using them… I seem illiterate in this subject =P

Thanks for the suggestions. I like this one much better. The frayed stuff at teh bottom will be below the braid clip. Still some work to do on the body of the beard but I think I’m happy with the braids/ stache.


It looks alot better, but the braids still seem abit out of place. This picture should describe what I meant to say earlier. As you can see, hair is pulled/gathered from all directions to form the collection of hair.

I understand what your saying. I’ll do some monkeying with the chin braid and try and achieve the effect your discribing, but I think I’m happy with the stache braids at the moment.

Got some more hair done… the top will kinda be that shape, but I have lots of work to do on it yet.


Not sure whats up with the difference in shading… they’re both the same texture… I need to do some messing around with that as well.

Here is a shot from the front. The hair shading is a bit better at this angle… still not right… but what can you do.

He looks slightly cross eyed.

My original guy had really tall spiked hair similar to the first hairdoo I had, but my new guy has slicked back hair with a braided ponytail… got the slicked back part done.


It’s looking really good!

About the hair… I do believe that he should have long hair.
Your choice really.

Great work, Keep it on.

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