Dwarf Head

The Back… Think I’m pretty happy with the hair for now… I might do some tweaking on the body of the beard later, but for now I think I’m going to move on to the accessories/details/other random funness.


Can I ask how you got the hair braided like that? I have played with the hair and can’t get it to do that.

Sure thing… easiest way I found was to create a small mesh, have it emit 1 hair. turn on children, have the children set to emit from particle, turn on kink, Turn the radius up a bit, turn it to braid on Z and turn up the amplitude and frequency to your liking… if it appears thin when its the size you want, just turn up the number of children and the rad setting… and whalla, a braid.

I tried what you suggested for the braid. It just creates a flat hourglass. How did you get it to work?
By the way good job with the dwarf, although he looks a bit juvenile =).

Thanks Krayon, I’ll get you a screenshot of my settings.

Face texture and some age sculpting is up next… then some accessories

Here you go.http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v437/spindlerift/BraidSettings.jpg

I think you should raise his shoulders to make him seem less human and more dwarven.

dude’s got character…

Roughed out the helmet for a little change.


Well, here is my first shot at texture creation. I edited photo textures to remove the specular and create more accurate bump maps. They’re a little to clean at the moment, but I’m pleased with the general result of the technique I used.


i am impressed, especially about the hair!

How long do these renders take?

I guess skin could use some more material-work, if you are aiming for semi/fantasy-realism. Otherwise it is fine :slight_smile:

the brown helmet material looks good…

He looks kind of… I dunno kiddy. I think its because his helmet is circular, with no flaps. Try making it more boxy/ovalish with ear flaps. Kinda like Gimli’s.


Thanks for the comments guys.

Maybeapreacher - Thank you very much. With SSS on and a full head of hair it takes about 5 minutes… this one took 3 or so… but my work machine is a beast. I totally agree on the skin shader/texture. I’m going to try and make it look as realistic as I can. I’ll be doing some more sculpting and texture work on the face here in the future.

Eradicator - Thanks! I was worried it looked a little to soft. I need to figure out a convincing way to add some wear.

Farthioner - Thanks for the comments. I agree with your assesment at the moment, but I’m not done with the helmet. I think you’ll like what I have planned… leather ear flaps, shoulder pieces and some more detail/decoration on the helmet should pull it togather. I still need to add some wear to the textures as well.

By saying it looks nice… i mean it looks nice as a material. I cant really tell yet if its suitable for the helmet though… I personally would perhaps put something little darker… (tanned?)

I know its a little Transformers for folks who aren’t playing Warhammer Online, but the dwarves have decorational sculptures like this all over the place. it also offers a little closer look at the textures.


I think there is too much rust/scraps/dents on the emblem. It takes away from the design.

edit: i found exactly why the helmet looks abit weird; it is almost covering his eyes. Make a quick google image search for Gimli. His helmet only comes down to his forehead, and in my opinion looks better.

Like I said before I think you should raise his shoulders, making him stouter.


Another small update. Added rivets and moved the helmet up on his head… I will probably move it back down, but I wanted to see what it looked like. also made some slight material adjustments.


Very nice so far!
The rivets in the middle seem to be a little to close to each other compared to the rivets at the bottom of the helmet - or is it just me?

I really like the way you did the braids, I should try this once.

Looking forward to see the updates :slight_smile:

Thanks Rore :slight_smile: Do you like the close rivets or the spaced ones more?

Anyway, here is an update… spent some time on the face finally. This is with SSS… I’m not sure why he’s coming off so shiny… I’ll have a non sss one tomorrow.