Dwarf-Life [my first finished game]

Hello everyone…I am new on the forum and i wanted to show you my first game i’v finished up to now (finished today :p).
So enjoy and leave comments :smiley:

Ur a midget, right?
Downloading ur game right now

er sorry i have probs with my english, what means midget?

can you upload it at Filefront.com??
here is a link to the site

.blend? (I’m on a mac)

It’s a good start, though I don’t think I would call this finished.

2 things: Your gun doesn’t shoot straight when you turn. That’s a bug that has to do with parenting and not having applied (Ctrl-A) scale/rotation on your objects.

Also, is the goal of the game just to shoot the two dwarfs? I shot them, they fell over, and then nothing happened. Was something else supposed to happen?

Good start though! I liked that there was music, and the modeling looked solid. Now mess with lighting or maybe some shaders and see how you can make it look even better!

I noticed that you used some cool code.
I’m not sure if it’s frustum culling but when you keep a certain distance from the dwarfs and then rotate the camera so a dwarf is near the edge of your screen, it’ll disappear. Which is very cool actually. When you rotate back it’ll return.

Or is this actually happening because of the low resolution?

- AniCator

A midget is same as a dwarf… a short very short person, half long as humans use to be…
Doesn´t matter… howerver… ur game can´t be considered as “finish” nor “playable”… but it´s a good start… and I think u will someday be a awesome gamedesigner if u keep that spirit.

I think he calls it finished because he has managed to reach the goal he set.
Isn’t there a difference between dwarf and midget?
Midget is a short human.
Dwarfs are fairy tale species that are very short/small as well (actually smaller).
Of course people refer to midgets as ‘dwarfs’ as well so… It’s quite common.
But I was just wondering.

- AniCator

Oh thanks for your posts guys…

Yeah i know i would need to put a bit more of work on it, but i am happy of the finished game.:stuck_out_tongue:

Actually i said it was a finished game because i won’t touch it anymore, i’m tired about the game :eyebrowlift: -----As you say AniCator, i’v reached the goals i have set.:yes:

I won’t correct the bogs because i’v started a new project:eyebrowlift:

So thank you for the comments…:wink: