Dwarf warrior [update page2]

As the title says…
Any crits about the modeling and suggestions for the textures are welcomed :smiley:

(inspiration from Samwise’s drawings, and other artists too. )

I still didn’t removed the central seam, and the colors are just a test, so no need to criticize that :wink:

This was how he looked before I add the armor : http://blender.sixmonkeys.geek.nz/view_photo.php?set_albumName=WIPS&id=WIP_full_2 (there’s also other images of the previous WIPs for this dwarf. I started it some months ago but I didn’t have the inspiration to finish it at that moment).

Bon ok, c’est pas très nouveau ça pour les gens de #blender-fr, mais je vais essayer de faire des updates assez régulièrement.

i prefer the “armored” version :wink:
looks more interesting.
perhaps you can make the metal peaces more shiny, so they will look more polished

Nice work.

The feet look odd to me. Especially around the ankle area. It looks like you just stuck half a UV Sphere to a tube.

The rest is very well done. Get some textures on this guy!


Eyes will bring it to life - and the ankles need a bump either side of them

Other than that, I really liked it. The armour really dresses it up nicely

I wish I could blend that well!


looks good
posting other angles will give us a better idea of how he looks, and then we could give better advice,
but it looks cool to me, samwise rocks!

nice model. are you going to UV paint him?

Nice model. Two thots: he needs a fuller/bushier beard with some braids in it (dwarfs are very proud of their beards :wink: ), and his feet are oddly shaped - they stick too far out on the sides and are not very “foot shaped”. Otherwise looks good to me. I’d love to see him swinging a battle-ax or war-hammer in the heat of battle!

very good…but the feet are too big imo

I’m going to UV-map him, I should even say “try” to uv-map him, because my previous attempts at uv-mapping ended in an attack of nerves, with myself shouting things like "you [ ***** censored ***** ] uv-editor! " at my computer %|

Hm, yes, I wanted huge feet but actualy I just made them too wide, i think that’s why it gives that impression.
Thank you, mzungu and 4go10soul for making me realize there was a problem there.

Braids … /me runs away screaming!
That would be great yes, but I’ll certainly run amok before I finish to model it :wink: Anyway, I’ll try when I have enough motivation.

So, next update when I have time, eheh.

les nains ça pue :smiley:

very good work … for a girl :wink:

keep on blending it duskblue it’s comin along nicely :stuck_out_tongue:


very good work … for a girl :wink:
The cheek! lmao. Very nice, i liked the dwarf warrior as soon as i saw him, he looks like something that would be in a game XD. cannot wait to see it finished :wink: keep it up

Wow that looks awsoem, I love it, great modeling :smiley: .
Keep up the good work, 4 of these things for you… %| %| %| %| . Dont know what they are but I thought you deserved them, here’s 4 zoros too… :Z :Z :Z :Z .

A small update.

I made the shoes smaller, and I started to add some textures. (but I still didn’t removed all the seams, I wait the last moment to remove them).
For the moment, the tattoo on the arm is something I scanned from a book, but I’ll change it with something I’ll draw.
There is still some texture problems, but as it’s the very first time I succeed in uv-mapping something, I’m really happy :smiley:

Comments, suggestions, etc. are welcomed :slight_smile:


Edit : I just read Vincente comment. So to make it clearer, when I said I " didn’t removed all the seams" I mean I didn’t join some parts, such as the 2 parts of the head, or beard, etc. That’s why there is that kind of seam in the middle, it’s not a remove double problem. Don’t worry, it won’t be there when it’s finished. So please everybody, no more comments on that. :expressionless:

hey duskblue… and a slap on the head of Joh@n_ :wink:
pretty nice so far, I really love how the texturing job is coming along :slight_smile:
hope to see more more more!
(sorry for the lack of time, not been on IRC for long!)

Great modeling !
i like the style.

(you forget to remove doubles)

texturing is coming along very nice
only crit about the model now that i see a side view is the chest could get pushed out a little more, it seems very flat at the moment compared to the arms
this will also help create the stocky muscel feeling you have going
good luck

he’s looking good, it looks like you did a good UV unwrap on him.

Tadam! Another update :slight_smile:


I’m not really satisfied with the beard but that’s the best I can get I think. I’ll do the moustache and eyebrows with the same method I think.
I wanted to try to make the pony tail with static particle deformed by a lattice, but I can’t get it working… Standard particles work fine, but static no :frowning:

Wu : I tried to make the chest less flat, but I know it can’t be seen in that angle.

Tell me what you think about the texturing, colors, whatever :wink:

Is he going to be for a game or an anim? Looks like some of your best work yet :smiley: . Very detailed, keep up the good work :smiley:

Thank you jackblack :slight_smile:

Well… I think I’ll put him in a cool pose with a big axe, just to make single image of it. But well, now I have the model I might as well use it in an animation when I’m very motivated.

I try to give my best on this, that’s why it takes sooooo long too complete :stuck_out_tongue: