Well I made this one for a school project which included animating with 3DS Max and Character studio. Why I modelled everything in Blender is because I don’t like max at all %| I tried to keep things simple, just to keep Max from crashing :wink: , so no millions-of-polygons here. Still the beard is quite heavy (as it’s a mesh).


And of course forgot the pic :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

look at www.welho.com/~mholmbe3/dwarf

Which is a dead link…


very very true… I’m a first timer… sorry guys

this should work =)


cool picture, nice modelling! give it some materials and render it in yaf [!] its worth it


Nice modeling,

I have problems in connecting to your server, so I actually saw only first half of your image, but that is nice :slight_smile:


Thanks… nice to get some positive comments. I’ve been using Blender seriously for about 2 years now, but haven’t registered on elysiun before :wink: better late than never I guess

woooh I like it. The hairy stuff is great and ofcourse so is the guy himself. Doesn’t quite strike me as “low-poly” but i guess that’s just me.


Looking good! Must have been hard to organize the modelling of all those little hairs!? Wanna see it with textures!

Very cool. Especally the hair. The axe is a bit blunt, though.

magee… animaatioon vai peliin, vai mihin? :slight_smile:


ok I added a very quick yafray render. Just a hemilight and no textures - I think I should learn how to use the Yafray+Yable combo… I’ve seen some quite fantastic pics made with it so please, if anyone knows where to find docs/tutorials/examples/anything I’d be very happy :smiley:

cool!!! YOu should increase the subsurf by 2 though…

cya henrik


yes, subsurf more.

That axe don’t look much sharp, really…


Well…I doubt it is an axe. I think it looks more like a war hammer. They are blunt. Well, of course, I cannot be sure as I have not modelled that…

Nice work! :smiley: