ok, I have’nt been around lately, (lack of inspiration I guess :o) but now Im back with a new one…

Its kind of a young dwarf character, nothing special purpose or anything, but hopefully I’ll finish this one and not just dump it like the most of my works and that is one of the reasons Im posting this here on the focused critique.

anyways heres the most recent render with some postpro…

Nice work. Maybe you could add some scratches on the axe - it´s a dwarfs tool :wink:
Also you can add more folds to the cloak/robe. And i think theres a hole missing in the belt on the left side. The cloth in the right hand of the dwarf is blowing in the wind - the steam of the pipe doesnt.

Just some details - but great work (do i repeat me ?)

thanks for reply unstable :slight_smile:

just that kind of little things are hard to see yourself, so an outside view is always welcome :smiley:

Ill correct those things as soon as possible…

It’s hard to say anything about this one, as I think this already is very good render, but if I have to say something, it would be the pipe. Or in particular the lack of smoke buff coming out of it. Or maybe those small particles coming from it are ment to be smoke, but now they look like sparks. And maybe just a small amount of glow emitting from it.

Very impressive work, the materials and the beard are very realistic.

Those pure white dots look just painted with a wide brush using a paint program, I don’t think they look good on such an almost photographic image.

… And his hands need fingernails.

Thank you for your comments toloban and hippie

@Hippie:well those little things coming out of the pipe truly are sparks, (I do know what smoke looks like :D)

@toloban: Yeah I noticed those dot thingys didnt really fit in. I thought that some hovering halos would look quite mystical, but with blur and all those came out quite lame, so i removed those…
and I also added fingernails :smiley:

so this is the updated one

now i got some problems with smoke and sparks coming out of the pipe, It seems that both smoke and sparks (both halo materials) disappear from the area of beard, so in that pic the smoke is added on postpro…
Is there a way to get halo materials visible on the particle beard?
I really dont know myself…

Great picture! But i think he a little out of the background picture. I suggest you put some weak blue light behind and over him, to fake the light from the forest, comming on him…to make him blend in


take a look at how gimli is holding hes pipe, i think you should make your dwarf hold hes pipe similarly with the free hand, it isn’t that easy to smoke the pipe like that you know :wink:

thanks again for comments.

@bjarnskov: thats a great tip, thanks, Ill try that :wink:

@felix: hmm, what do you mean? Gimli isnt holding his pipe at all in that pic :stuck_out_tongue:

lol sorry mix up with another picture of gimly and a pipe, any way… the point is your pipe is long and has a thin… neck(?) so its just easyer to hold it up, and that picture up there still has a good point to… the pipe is more of at the corner of the mouth… :wink:

really great work! the only thing holding this back is some better colourmap work for the clothing. that would really make this sing.

I think the sparks look out of place…moreso near the eyes. Have you tried a render without the sparks and a low red light source coming out of the pipe?

I agree about the sparks, they shouldn’t be in his eye.

But I LOVE IT. Great work.

thanks again everyone, for your attention

@felix: I placed the pipe a bit more to the corner of the mouth, but I dont think Ill change the pose otherwise anymore…

@traitor: thanks, I made a fast colormap for this render, though it came a bit too light so it kind of blends in so well its hardly noticeable, but I think it works quite well though…

@woodman & saxofoner: true, like I said I had some problems with those halo things and they looked quite crappy, so I removed them for this render and made the smoke with postpro…

heres the latest one…

Hmmm. The blue light is to weak (in case you added some). The blue light needs to be dominant on him. The (supposedly) campfire light should be ‘extra’. Try to experiment, maybe add some lights slightly in front of him, blue of course.

There’s something about the background bothering me. It’s either like he’s just floating in front of it, or he’s about 15 yards tall next to the trees. But I like the background itself. Can you just change the scale, and render in a ground.

@bjarnskov: well I dont want to make the pic too blue in general, but maybe some more blue glow wouldnt hurt…

@saxofoner: well if you look closely, you should be able to see that he is standing on a hill sort of… and the trees and stuff are way back, so they appear small…


the picture looks great. the only critique I have is that I think the smoke coming out of his nose looks a little strange.

I ment to ask you how you made the glowey things, I am trying to make something very similar to that.

Oh, I see. My monitor, when calibrated, is quite dark, that hill didn’t show up at ALL.