DWG/DXF-importer PE - release (2.6x, 2.7x, 2.8x)

DXF-importer Personal Edition is ready for Blender 2.79b!

I am proud to present the new DXF-importer PE (Personal Edition) for Blender 2.6+

>>> more details to 2.2.6 version

For all CAD and Blender enthusiasts:

After two years of development the new DXF-importer is ready for production!
The new engine supports DXF files of any largeness and complexity by constant transfer rate.

>>> more details here

Great work!

How is the add-on licensed?

DXF-importer PE is subject to CADtools license.


DXF-importer PE (Personal Edition) is there!
the latest stable version is 2.2.3 - 2013.03.14

>>> more details


This is probably what I have been waiting for the whole time!!! Looks great, cant wait to test it!
Thak you in the first place for the effort!

pitat450, you are welcome!


Good effort but totally in the WRONG direction… :frowning:
Free software is about sharing knowledge, to me.
That doesn’t means you should not be payed for your time, it’s just about the license and the way you distribute your work.
We just have to stay close and pervent free software to become a (bad) copy of proprietary ones, let’s think about it and you’ll see the point, and I’m sure you agree because you did the GPL version and mantained for years.
You also know that CAD is the last frontier for free software. Autodesk is desperately buying every line of code related to CAD on gnu/linux to pervent its growth.
Please try a different approach because this one to me is useless.
I say all of above in friendship,

many good points, but I have good reasons to stay on non-GPL license for now.
This project needs funds and feedback to keep moving forward. Unfortunately GPL is not very effective for the job. Even with current license it is a balancing act because user base is very thin, not that many CAD-professionals are interested in Blender.
The new license model motivates people to contact me directly - I get to know them and their background, they get a chance to know me and my work better. Obviously it is in opposition to “instant, anonymous and for_free” access mechanics of open source, but I would say this is the more appropriate (ethical/respectful) way to share the work with others.


I have a few old DWG that I would like to import to blender
can this import some very old DWG from microstation may be ?


Yes, it can, as long as these are DWG and not DGN :wink: (microstation native format)

Edit: via Teigha converter it will import also DGN files :slight_smile:

Edit2: I must correct - Teigha can show DGN files, but not convert :frowning:

interesting file converter

i’v installed it and don’t see the DGN files type for old microstation

and I can see that there must be like 10 different dxf standard ASCII and also binay one

any idea which one to use DXF ASCII or binary ?

now if I get it as DXF any addon for DXF should be to work with that I hope

not certain it could work these dwg are very old and std might be out of date now!

thanks for any feedback

The fact is: the older the drawings the easier to import them :slight_smile:
Convert your DWG/DGN files with Teigha into DXF-r12 format, which is the most compatible one.
The 2.49b DXF-importer still works the best. You can get an update for Blender 2.69 too (links below).

did a test with the DXF from 2.49 using dxf import
not the autocad script import hope it is the right one
in any case the autocad one does not work

and I get en error !

expecting 10, <x> at lines 16836

any idea what can cause this error ?

I check dxf file in notepad ++ and don’t really see any thing wrong !

file is big like 1.8 MB

lines are

16832 / 8.489174395083161
16836 / 7.871785214075373


this looks strange, indeed
Could you send me it via email please?

was looking on wiki and found that you script is called autocad dxf
and seems to be working in 2.6
on 40 files only 5 did not work and gave errors which is fine I mean I got most of the dwg done

now do you know how to get the dng files working on the exter soft for converting ?


Hi there. I’ve saved the dxf as binary R12 version from DraftSight ald can’t open it in 2.69 nor 2.49b. Tried a few other versions but without luck.
In 2.69 got the error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\Tomek\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.69\scripts\addons\io_import_scene_dxf.py”, line 2574, in execute
File “C:\Users\Tomek\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.69\scripts\addons\io_import_scene_dxf.py”, line 2425, in readAndBuildDxfFile
sections = readDxfFile(fileName)
File “C:\Users\Tomek\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.69\scripts\addons\io_import_scene_dxf.py”, line 1781, in readDxfFile
code = int(word)
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘AutoCAD Binary DXF’

DXF-importer supports only ASCII format, not binary!

I was too optimistic, Teigha can read and display DGN files but does not convert.
I don’t know any extern converter. Common solution is to convert them inside microstation or autocad.

well I don’t have either !
so will wait may be later there will be a simple way of doing this!

thanks anyway