.Dwg / .Dxf support

I am trying to learn Blender. By profession I am an Architect / 3d Animator. I am planning to use Blender as a 3d tool in my production pipeline.
Our client supplies us with AutoCAD .dwg drawing files, which we ussually import into our main 3d app.
I would like to know what kind of support does Blender provide us for importing and manipulating (preferably) AutoCAD .dwg format. ( or alternatively .dxf format which would add an extra conversion process in the pipeline )

Blender supports DXF files, but not DWG files. I couldn’t find DWG files.

You can also import your dwgs into Google Sketchup (it imports them nicely), and then export from Sketchup to KMZ. Finally import the kmz file into blender to get a nice 3d drawing reference. :smiley:

Or you can follow this tut:
In which they use scans of the blueprints to draw on top of them in inkscape, then export to SVG and import into blender. Not the most “CAD” solution, but does the job.