dwg set up for engineering

thre is a PDF file spomewhere that show how to do things in egninnering with Blender
and it includes a way to set up a normal Eng DWG with a cartouche ect…

anybody remember whre to get this PDF file and what the web site is ?
i cannot put my finger where on which site it is!


that would be great if there is a dwg method in Blender.

I think this is what you are looking for.

i already have the 3RD site

there is another one where it is shown how to prepare the Cartouche for DGW

but cannot din what the site is?

Ok o got it - it is inside the 3RD PDF file
amidst all the details but i think it begins with page 9
that;s great thanks !


on page 10 thee is a description on how to set up the boudary for A4 paper
select and grab the top two vertices moving them 277.4mm (25.4 X 11 inches - 2 the original Plane size) in the Z axis

does it means that the page height is 277 BU so this could be put in the N Transofrm panel?