dx 10 cards

anybody know when nvidia and ati are gonna start spitting these puppies out?

NV: before the holiday season, (translation, probably in Nov or early Dec)
ATI: probably not until early 2007…until vista comes out

both are power hungry monsters that allegedly draw more watts than anything we’ve ever seen before… (in the 300W range for a single card)

I believe it. I had to upgrade my quad opteron with an ATI X850 XT from 500W to 800W because it kept crashing during games. actually, “crashing” is the wrong word, more like “completely shut off with no warning”. but it works fine now. except I cry everytime I see a power bill (overnight rendering wheeeee)

haha me parents are gonna kill me when i build that pc.:smiley: (damned vista & dx 10 release, i wouldve had the thing by now if not for those two…)

late nov. sounds reasonable.

Yeah, I heard the dx10 cards would come out next year. I was just fed up with waiting for all this new stuff to come out, so I picked up a nice x1900xt 512mb card now while the price is good. 300 bucks ain’t bad for a high end card. It sucks up way too much power though. Can’t imagine the new cards.

“completely shut off with no warning”
same with me, except my computer never came back on :(. I RMA’d the damn power supply and the second one died too. Third time’s the charm, right?

The Nvidia 8800GTX reference design is water cooled. Both, G80 and R600 GPU need more than 300Watt (for comparison a 6600 needs 30 Watt in 3D mode, 16 Watt in 2D).

NVidia recommends a 500 Watt power supply for the 8800GTX and 450 Watt for the 8800GS.

There will be no need to buy a DX10 card next year. No publisher will release a exclusive DirectX 10 game. Even if you upgrade to Vista a 6600GT is sufficient.

I will wait until ‘something like’ a 8600 will be released. Besides there is no game on the market worth playing at the moment (or pay more than 500€ for new hardware).

#1. i know there won’t be any dx exclusive games, but they’re gonna look friggin sweet with dx 10.

#2. I’ve got nothing else to spend this money on but a high end computer.
i figure if i’m spending that much money anyway, then why the hell not?:smiley:

DirectX 10 exclusivity is the biggest thing that is pissing me off about Vista.
More monopolistic tactics by Microsoft.


Koba: I am sure you recall what happened with Windows 98 and XP when they were released. It’s just smart business.

It will be interesting to see though what DX10 games offer compared to old DX9 ones.

DX10 hardware level cards are ones that can support DirectX 10 level software. However those cards will be able to support higher OpenGL levels too, so it’s not something that is restricted to windows and it’s DX API.

Really it’s all about the hardware power. The DirectX level is just used as a well known benchmark.

Exactly. That is why I wish OpenGL was supported more in games or perhaps the OpenGL specification improved. No more need for Vista that way.


but you can’t seriously expect MS to port DX10 to 98/2000/XP/XP64… Personally i don’t see it as a big deal, people who would buy a DX10 card in Q1 07 must have lots of money to spend. Since Dx10 titles won’t come out for some time, there is no point in upgrading to vista anytime soon. I would stick with DX9.0C (SM3.0) for a while until DX10 matures and the price of vista drops below 200USD.

hey aren’t you f/stopdigital? if so quit whining about your quadcpu setup :smiley:

people who would buy a DX10 card in Q1 07 must have lots of money to spend.

It is an ideological difference. To me there a clear difference between buying hardware (a physical piece of technology) and software (infinitely copiable but artificially locked down). It is not about money - even if I had loads of it I still wouldn’t want to hand it over to Microsoft and their monopoly, astroturf campaigns and FUD.

To me DX is a form of support and Microsoft should support at least the latest two generations of their operating system (I never suggested it should go all the way back to 98). I’m sure they can give technical reasons for not porting it to XP but in the end it is all about making people buy Vista.



Actually, I think that DX10 and all the “Vista exclusive” games are pretty much the only reasons left for people to still waste money on windows in the future.

Really, if it wasn’t for the “exclusivity” factor in those specific areas, the majority of the people would have crossed over to linux a long time ago.

That’s very very very optimistic.

The fact is, Linux is a HUGE HUGE pain in the ass. A lot of people need help with opening a file using MS Word, so Unix would be foreign to them.

Maybe a few years back, but that’s not true today.

Distros like Ubuntu prove it. It works on pretty much the same “point and click” interface that everyone is so used to on windows. All the hardware is supported on the spot, and it comes with all the “common apps” (Open Office, GIMP) preinstalled.

Also, opening, modifying and saving text files works the same on linux as it does on windows. It’s a hierarchical file system, there is really nothing that would be “earth-shattering” to a windows user. It’s the same folder shuffle that we are all too familiar with.

For people who use their computers for things like wordprocessing, web browsing and email, linux would be pretty much identical to windows in terms of difficulty.

So other than the “windows exclusive” functions I was talking about, linux is right on target.

Until I don’t have to recompile the kernel to get a wireless USB adaptor to work, it’s a pain in the ass for me and I have it fairly easy. God forbid that Linux ever dislikes my gfx card…

Lol. You have to recompile the kernel? Somehow I get the feeling that you are using something other than a mainstram distro :rolleyes:.

I have a wireless switch, and an 80Gig external HD (via usb), both running on Ubuntu with no problems what so ever. As for the gfx card; it was recognized right from the start.

I would stay the heck away from so called “DirectX 10” cards until DirectX 10 is actually released. It’s not due out until mid 2007, or so MS says. I’m guessing late 2007 early 2008, just because Microsoft couldn’t make a deadline if their very existence depended on it.

I wouldn’t want to sink 500+ USD into (a) graphics card(s) that takes 20%-50% of my power supply’s juice that barely supports a non-released spec like DX10. I wouldn’t want a repeat of the Nvidia 5 series cards that only in theory support DirectX 9. Sure the spec is supported, but it’s just too slow.

Oh, and please stay on topic.