DX-540 Tank

Here’s my new WIP, it’s a battle-tank that I’ve started to Modell to see how good I can modell without references. The whole process can be viewed here.


Nice work.
Is that texture baking or rendering with AO?
Did you use softbodies for the tracks or is that a curve?

great design :smiley: just one thing, the treads are not going to grab much mke them pointy how that is done is up to you
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Markus your awsome man! Only crit I have is add a suspension into the wheel part, it looks like they are just going into the side of the tank. If you add a suspension (even if its simple) it will make it look even more complex.

thats realy cool, good work!

Dang… Thats awesome, though, small guns for such a big tank, oh well, i suppose its not about the size of the gun you have :wink:

on a more serious note, i’m really impressed, this is the sort of work people using the “professionals” tools crank out, yeah, they’re good, but this community is getting increasingly good, And well there is no better proof that its all in the person doing the artwork and not in the software right here. I’m impressed, I hope this makes it to the blender.org gallery :slight_smile:

vliegtuig: It’s both texture baking and AO and the tracks are made with a curve to get more control over it.
mfoxdogg: You’re right! I’ll have to fix that
themonkey: Thank you Mike! I will put in some suspension and stuff. I havn’t got the chanse to do it yet. It will give it a better look.
C4: Thanks
Centauri: I realy appriciate your comments, and no, it’s not the size that matters :wink: I didn’t thought of sending it to blender.org but I will when it’s finished!

Cool tank.
Are you going to finish it with out
having used any references?

I got good links. :smiley:

JDA: No, I don’t want any references at all. You verbal (:P) help is enough :slight_smile:


Awsome! That looks much better! The only thing bugging me now is the texture, it seems a little blury. Up the res, maybe?
Oh yeha for the plates on the back, why not add vents, instead of just plates. That will make it look pretty cool…altho not sure if this tank has that on it from the start, since I have never seen it before.

I hope you don’t kill me if I say it’s finished:

Why didn’t you just link to the Finished Works thread so you don’t have to keep monitoring this one?

Markus your death will be quick and painless!

Looks sweet man congrats on another nice project.

Thats Spectacular u are an inspiration


In a practical sense, that tank would be very easy to defeat in battle, the treads are far too exposed and vulnerable, one quick shell onto the treads and it’s no more dangerous then a cat with a stick.