DXF consisting of 3DFACE

I’m not normally working with this type of stuff so forgive me for my incompetence.

I need to export dxf files consisting only off 3DFACE “elements”, and i’m now wondering if this is possible to do with blender? Right now I’m drawing in autoCAD and then exploding the model to get these elements so that I can import them into a simulationprogram I’m using, and it’s a bit of a hassel. I have no experience of blender or python scripts.

Please help me! // Niklas Philipson Sweden

To clarify: you want to take your Blender models and get them into your simulation software via DXF, correct?

What success have you had using the current standard DXF export command (File -> Export -> DXF…)?

Thats correct. When I use the normal export procedure like you describe my simulationprogram finds the file but it is unable to show the model. I can view the dxf models that I currently use in simulations in blender. They show in blender as what I would describe as shell elements which are not connected to each other and there is no nodes. If I export the same model it doesnt work either.

by the way 3Dstudio is unable to open the dxf files I use in simulations but blender can.

If you need more infomation I am goning to try to explain more, but I am not so good at it.

AFAIK, there are no settings for Blender’s DXF export function - you basically take it as it is. If you must use that format, perhaps investigate (search for) other python export scripts which may produce more compatible output.

Alternately, look at your simulation program to see if there are any other formats which it may import. DXF has so many versions (due to Autodesk attempting to keep it proprietary) that it has become very unreliable as a conversion format (as you’ve experienced here.) Other, more reliable, more “open” standards are STL or VRML. Blender supports many proprietary formats, such as OBJ or 3DS, thru user scripts, which are good for this, too.

Your third option would be to find an intermediate application which will read blender output and give you the DXF formatted as you need it. 3DStudio should have a lot of potential for this, and AutoCAD may be an option as well, if you own these. Otherwise google will be your friend.

Hope this helps somewhat… good luck!

(BTW, what is the simulation software you’re using?)

I’m using Dymola. It is a software that I use for vehicle dynamics simulations the programming language is Modelica it’s kind of similar to C++ but it is formed for physical modeling.

Dymola can also import .stl files in textual format (whatever that is).

I’m considering your suggestion to export it to AutoCAD and then explode it so that I can get it to work.

Thanks for your help.

And have you tried Blender’s STL export to see if it will import into Dymola? Should be a litte more reliable than DXF, but not sure.

Yes I have but it wont work either. As the developers of Dymola expressed it “.stl files has to be in textual format”.

I’m going to try to export via autoCAD next week. I hope that will work.