DXF export in quads?

I’m exporting a lot of meshes from Blender and the DXF export, seems to convert my mesh faces to tris.

This is messing up sub-division in 3DSMax, as I modeled in quads with Blender.

Do all other export scripts from Blender convert to tris? I’ve not had chance to try .3DS or another yet. (No full Python install as my main comp has died.)

Thanks in advance,


DXF in Blender is so old that it only really works with older versions of the apps that you want. A new DXF export/import is needed for sure.

Have you tried exporting to OBJ? I know that the faces stay as quads for sure through that export script. I am sure that 3DS can open OBJ files too, or at least there is an import script for it.


i think it depends on the version. it seems like some versions will export dxf as quads while others will not.

Thankyou for the help my friends. :smiley:

I did a test and it’s 3DSMax that’s converting them to tris. Importing a Blender dxf export back into Blender, stays as quads.

I’ll try .obj and if that doesn’t work I’ll try the 3DS script.

Thanks for the feedback.


.3ds doesn’t work; and in fact, I haven’t been able to find any way of going back and forth between Max and Blender and keeping the mesh as quads. I read somewhere in the forums about 6 or 8 months ago that it was because the native Max format was proprietary. Maybey a good programmer out there could write a plugin for Max itself, creating a new format that could be used by Blender. If you figure it out, please let us all know.

Hi Brian, in Max 3 & 5 dxfs were inported as quads if the dxf it’self was saved as quads.

Version 7 seems to be converting them to tris. :<

I’ll post any solution I find.