DXF exporting problems

(IngieBee) #1

Hello all, I want to export in dxf so that I can convert the model in Accutrans to something else. However, when I take my model and load it into Accutrans, the “parts” are in all different directions. Why is that? I changed their origin points to the center, but it didn’t work, I centered the origin points on each individual object to their center’s and it didn’t work, actually doing this made no difference.

Can anyone please help me figure out how to export these pieces so they stay in the right position?

Thank, Ingie

(theeth) #2

try applying rot/size (Ctrl-A)


(JarellSmith) #3

theeth - Are you automating your responses? I think you mixed up your responses to Bob Dog and Ingie Bee.

This sounds more appropriate here:

"try applying rot/size (Ctrl-A)


(theeth) #4

that’s what happens when you have more than one window open :-?


(IngieBee) #5

Wow, that did the trick, funny I built it in place, no rotating or anything. I didn’t know it would do that. But it worked like a charm,t hanks again!

Love Ingie

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damn, that’s gotta be the funniewst thing i read on Elysiun!!! theeth wrote something that didn’t have anything to do with this post and it worked!!!

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hee hee hee, the other post must have had a simular problem?

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tsk tsk tsk… you didn’t read the small characters
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what was there originaly was a reply intented for the Wings import question, and if you look there, you’ll see that the answer wouldn’t really help Ingie (well… maybe it could have, but still…)

juat have a look at the time stamps:

my first post: Posted: 03 Nov 2002 12:16

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when I edited the post: 03 Nov 2002 12:35

thanks to those lightning reflex, it only took 19 minutes to correct the error :stuck_out_tongue:


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Ah, Hercul Poirot, I’ll never be. :smiley: (thank goodness, since he doesn’t sound like he’d make a good looking girl anyway, LOL)

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hehehe :smiley:
I could help you get the french accent if you want to reconsider that :stuck_out_tongue: