DXF Files

Hi i am new to using blender and am trying to im port a dxf file.

When i import it on both a PC and a Mac i am getting parsing errors on import. The file is 5 Meg in size.

Can anyone help as to why this is not importing as from what i gather blender can handle dxf files


from which program did you export the model?

dxf is a file format with plenty of dialects, because there is no real ISO, ANSI or other standard for this format, neither it is provided by only one manufacturer, eg. like lightwave object format (*.lwo). so some files exported by some programs cannot be imported by some other programs…

maybe this is actually your problem. perhaps you can get the object in another file format…

I found a great conversion software. Look in the first two pages or do a search for “Creating the Space Shuttle”. It’s a post I did. On the very last page, there is a link to a great conversion software that may help your problem.

Good luck!


Blender, regarding DXF, only acepts simple objects (points /lines/ circles) in ACAD DXF 12 format.

I agree on that DXF is not a standard since long time ago.

could you link me to this space shuttle post or the actual conversion program as i cant find it

Thanks for everyones help so far