DXF import crashes Blender

there is a DXF file:

I can import it easily to 2.41 release, but it crashes 2.42.3. I use standard DXF Import script that comes with CVS.

Blender 2.42a, Python 2.4.3. worked for me.
Funny I can never import .dfx, exept for the file you linked.
It is a very simply model, you could remake it in blender easily.
It does import quite large, try zooming out in top view to see if it imported off screen?

edit: on windows

Sorry if I was not clear enough, but I use latest CVS build from Graphicall.org by ZanQdo (which is why I put 2.42.3). And as I wrote, Blender crashes. After that happens you can’t usually zoom in or out since program is not running anymore :frowning:

So any ideas why DXF import of that file crashes Blender?

I just looked at the file - it is not a valid dxf file. My importer fails to import it because it does not contain any of the data sections for things like layers, blocks, etc. Autocad aborts loading the file because it is “an incomplete or invalid dxf file”. The data looks fine, but it is only part of a dxf file.

That’s right. 3DS MAX doesn’t to import that DXF either. But why 2.41 imports it with no questions asked?

It probably just looks for the geometry section and imports just lines/arc/face/etc.