dxf import script for 2.61

I am getting this error message when trying to load a 3D dxf file…

I copied the script from this link:

and saved it directly into the addons folder…

Any help appreciated.

this is the right script version, (btw, it is identical with 2.61’s bundled one)

Error message - it seems to be a problem with non-ascii strings, try another codec option.
Let me know if it helps.

thanks for the reply… i will give it a go.

yes, changing the codec to iso-8859-15 has cleared any error messages, but when i am returned to the model, there is nothing there… sorry, i am a real novice with this program.

Blender handles CAD data of its own:
look at manual page on blender wiki (link is associated to the importer).
Then navigate to documentation of old importer version (2.49) - there are even more details about DXF code in Blender.
If you need more help you can contact me directly per email.

i got it to work… thanks a bunch mate…